Another Gotta Love the Gov’t moment…

Posted: March 16, 2006 in Uncategorized

In the “new and creative ways to fuck the taxpayer” file:

This morning, on the news they were saying how the SAAQ (Société d’assurance automobile du Québec, the government auto insurance board who regulates god knows what actually) is thinking of raising rates on small cars. Now, most people buy small cars because a) they’re into less pollution and ecologically sound consumption b) they want/need to economize c) it just makes more sense. But, the wonderul SAAQ has come to the conclusion, that they should pay more in insurance because it would seem there is a higher incidence of injury in accidents with smaller cars. Smokers pay higher insurance rates, well, so should small car drivers because they are endangering their lives. Apparently, more studies are necessary and this won’t be happening for a few years, if ever. Well, here I am thinking it would be cool to have a Smart car because they’re small, easy to park in the city, use so little gas and pollute very little; maybe I should think Hummer instead.

And these people are in charge of my tax dollars…


Urban legend of the day: Mulch being sold here in Quebec comes from all those trees Katrina tore up. Which hey, is a good thing, at least they’re being used. But (insert ominous music here) this mulch is full of TERMITES! TERMITES THAT CAN EAT YOUR HOUSE IN NO TIME AT ALL! (must be a mutant breed of super termites if they’re gonna survive Quebec winters). Rest assured ladies and gentlemen, it’s a hoax. The mulch you will be putting on your suburban flower beds is safe. Thank god, I could almost picture suburbia crumbling to dust, I am highly reassured.


Had a bizarre conversation at the restaurant the other day regarding eating meat. We got to talking about travel and how you could eat dog in Vietnam if you wanted to. Now, most people will freak out at the thought of eating anything along the lines of Fluffy or Fido. This I can understand, we in North America see cats and dogs as family. Over there, it moves, it’s edible – easy to understand in a country where your next meal is not necessarily a given… but I digress.

So, her problem was with eating a carnivore. Cows, sheep, goats, pigs – no problem, but an animal that eats meat is disgusting. Why I asked? Because they digest meat, so you’re eating dead animals… Um, but eating a dead animal doesn’t bother you? Well, no, because it isn’t full of dead animals. Aaaaaaall righty then…. I don’t really understand the logic behind that, but whatever. So I asked her, have you ever eaten shark? Yep, really good. Well, sharks eat other fish (and lots of the fish you eat are carnivorous). No, but that’s ok, because fish are different. Different how? Never did get a satisfactory answer to that one…

The logic escapes me in this, but I will admit that I refrained from pointing out that the stuff they feed cows today is just chock full of ground up animals. I was feeling oh so magnanimous that day.

  1. Hageltoast says:

    people and food foibles, not sure logic is involved 😉

  2. Big Brother says:

    Instead of upping the taxes on small vehicules they should instead put more taxes on the big vehicules. SUV’s guzzle gas and drive like a tank and god help those that get in their way.Another type of vehicule that should be getting greater taxes are the tractor-trailor trucks (the 18 wheelers). I don’t know how many accidents I’ve seen that involve these monsters and let’s face it no matter how big the car, against one of those monsters, you’re toast.Yet they want to tax small cars because you’re getting injured, that’s like blaming the victim for getting shot by a robber.Maybe we should all drive around in Abrams M1A3 tanks… gas comsumption is awful, but there sure is nobody who’ll argue with you over the right of way, and hey maybe there’ll no taxes at all since you’ll be perfectly safe. :o)

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