A new era in Quebec

Posted: May 31, 2006 in Uncategorized

Today is a landmark day in the Jazzer’s life.

Today, straight after work, I am going to Bily Kun to have a drink.

“Ok, fine, and this is a watershed moment for you?” , you ask, thinking to yourself because you’re much to polite to voice it out loud, “She needs a life. Seriously.”

Yes, it is, because beginning today smoking is banned in all bars and restaurants in Quebec. I will actually be able to spend more than 15 minutes in a bar without starting to cough, without my eyes itching and running. It. Will. Be. Pure. Bliss. Believe me, it will.

Ok, granted that won’t turn me into a barfly, but damn how nice will it be to actually be able to go comfortably into a bar once in a while.

Reaction is all the way over the place. Some bar owners say they’ll let people smoke, others are planning to close for a week to repaint and clean up. Lots of the smokers say they think it’s a good idea, lots of others say it’s a damn stupid idea, that there should be non smoking areas, period (sorta like having a peeing section in a pool I’d say, but what do I know, being a rabid non smoker who actually likes to breathe).

So tonight I will go celebrate. Have a glass of wine without rushing because I’m too uncomfortable to stay any longer. Chat with friends for a couple of hours, see what this whole socializing in a bar thing is all about.

For once I sincerely thank the government. Hell, they have to get it right once in a while.

  1. paula says:

    We’ve had to avoid many restaurants, etc, because of The Mister’s asthma. Many smokers are too selfish to understand the extent that their smoking hurts the people around them. I hope your time at ‘le bar’ was a hoot!

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