Easy entry

Posted: November 15, 2006 in bits and pieces

Evidence that I am totally, absolutely and completely bored: I can’t even be bothered to write an entry.

So instead, a couple of quotes which, apply very well to the would be “King of the World” just south of us. Poor Dubbya really must be made to realize that ChooChoo is actually Supreme Emperess of the universe, known and unknown. And me? I’m her evil sidekick. I’ll be doing the dirty work, ridding the world of likes of Dubbya & Co. Ltd.

Oh, yeah, right, maybe that actually qualifies as good works. But “nice* sidekick” just doesn’t quite cut it, does it?

Usually, terrible things that are done with the excuse that progress requires them are not really progress at all, but just terrible things. – Russell Baker

We need a president who’s fluent in at least one language. – Buck Henry

* It’s hard being Canadian!

  1. Jocelyn says:

    I hear you. But I’d have to add “It’s awfully hard being American.” The unadulterated shame of it all makes it hard to hold the old head up. My sister lives in Guatemala and has learned to say she’s Canadian when travelling so that she doesn’t get held responsible for the evils of “her” (hardly!) president.

  2. choochoo says:

    Yes, I am. And if I ever ask you to do terrible things, I won’t excuse them at all. I’ll just say something along the lines of “I’ve got something terrible I’d like you to do for me.” And then I might take a couple of minutes to do my evil giggling and snickering before telling you what that terrible thing is. Usually, it’ll probably be to go pick up a pizza, or something.

  3. Jazz says:

    Jocelyn – How very 70s. Americans were doing that during Vietnam too. Good thing we live next door to you guys and are totally indistinguishable..ChooChoo – Pizza? If that’s the extent of your evil, damn, I’m looking for another master of the universe!

  4. choochoo says:

    I said “or something” 😛

  5. Anna says:

    Bless you, Jazz, for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog – you’ve made my day!! Love the ‘being 45 and still kicking ass – in more expensive shoes’! I bought my first EVER Manolo Blahniks with my 40th birthday money a couple of years ago (in the sale I hasten to add!) I feel like a true queen every time I wear them – they’re purple velvet sling-backs… drool… drool…

  6. Jazz says:

    ChooChoo – Whew, you had me scared there for a minute, I thought you’d lost your groove or something.Anna – You’re a better woman than I, if I had a pair of Manolos I’d probably frame them and hang them on the wall – Lord knows I probably couldn’t wear them without extreme torture…

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