It’s the cows!

Posted: December 13, 2006 in News and views

To those who say global warming is not for real, that it’s myth, I invite you to Montreal, where any snow we had is gone and it’ll be 7C (45F) today. It’s December 13. This is not normal Montreal weather. Course I’m not broken up about the lack of snow and cold, but I’m evil that way…

However, I’ll sleep much better knowing (as stated on the front page of newspapers last week) that it’s not my fault. It’s not the fact that I (and several million others) have cars that pollute and it’s not industry’s fault. Nope. It’s cows. Apparently cows are the single biggest producers of greenhouse gasses. And they degrade land tremendously. Whew it ain’t my fault! Bad cows!

Never mind that if humans polluted a lot less, and if the idea of sustainable development was actually ever taken seriously on a large scale, even the cows probably couldn’t fart enough to bring on global warming. Never mind the fact that the reason there are so many cows is that we “need” need (I need my 3 lb. steak and my leather couch!). It’s no biggie because apparently scientists are working on a way to recycle various bovine gas emissions to produce power.*

Or something.

Until then, I guess I’ll just watch the rain fall.

* Please note that even though it’s no laughing matter I choose to be facetious. Tearing out of hair and wringing of hands will not a better post make. Still, we’re heading for a helluva problem as evidenced here

  1. Steven Novak says:

    I love the smell of cow fart inthe morning.Steve~

  2. ticknart says:

    I’m holding out hope that one day we’ll be able to harness cow farts to help power the future.

  3. Jazz says:

    Steve and Ticknart – Trust the guys to focus on the cow farts… LOL

  4. Jill says:

    Yep, guys never pass up the chance to talk about farts. I predict they’ll be swarming all over this post soon.

  5. Jazz says:

    Jill – naw, I doubt it, these two (along with my brother) are the only ones who seem to read with any regularity… Maybe if I make reference to farts more often! 😉

  6. ticknart says:

    Jazz, Maybe if you loaded the sounds of cows farting into the post.

  7. Big Brother says:

    Just think if you could put a couple of cows in the back yard (in your case on the balcony or in the guest room) with hoses stuck up their nether regions, you could heat your home, cook your meals and run your BBQ. Just think of the potential… I know that Mr. Jazz being the chef and ecologist that he is would love to run his gas stove on all natural cow farts. LOL

  8. Jazz says:

    Ticknart – Cool, How would I do that? Actually I’ve never heard a cow fart. I’m a city girl I am….BB – The potential actually scares the hell out of me!

  9. ticknart says:

    I’ve never heard a cow fart either, Jazz. I come from hill folk, not farm folk. The only animals we deal with are the ones we hit with our cars.

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