Bloggers Block and incoherence

Posted: January 10, 2007 in Me things

I have Bloggers Block these days. Nothing seems interesting enough to blog about, except for a fleeting second perhaps and then I can’t seem to get my shit together enough to actually do anything. How can you have the winter blues when it isn’t even really winter in this end of the world?

Today I can’t for the life of me think of anything even halfway coherent to write so I’ll have to go with fragments. And yes, I know. You don’t have to say it, I rarely have anything even halfway coherent to say, so it’s all par for the course.

* Apparently it’s de-lurking month, or week, or something. This, for all of you not in the know is the week when lurkers are supposed to post on your blog and admit they are there. Now, I see a couple of problems with this. Obviously if they are lurking, they aren’t all that big on commenting, which sort of means de-lurking week is almost bound to fail. And you can’t know if lurkers do, in fact exist, unless they post. So maybe there are no lurkers out there except the bloggers who came up with the idea because um, they lurk. But maybe they’re the only ones (didn’t I just say I was having problems with the concept of coherency today? Huh? Didn’t I? Yes, I did so just shaddap already!)

So anyway, if anyone is lurking on this blog I dare you to post. I double dare you.

I met a new machine at the gym this week. It’s called a Treadclimber and it’s the evil spawn of a treadmill and stairmaster. Basically it’s like a treadmill, but it’s split in two down the middle and as you walk, both sides of the treadmill mat go up and down like a stairmaster. It delivers a helluva workout though. Feels a lot like hiking up a mountain. Hiking up a mountain at 6:30 in the morning is not my idea of a fun time actually, but there you go. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. Or something. Because there I was at 6:30 walk/climbing on this devil’s spawn of a machine…

In the ridiculous fashion department: I saw a girl this morning in those pompom boots. She was walking along, her pompoms swinging around at the end of their long cords because she hadn’t tied them and zip…they got tangled together and she almost, not quite but almost, took a dive. Evil of me to laugh, but what’s a girl gonna do. Stupid things happen to stupid people who wear stupid fashions.

Oh, and by the way, you know you’re getting old when you see a really hot guy and think, “I’d adopt that kid”. Le sigh

* Illustration by Mike Reed at Mike Reed Illustration

  1. choochoo says:

    I still say I wanna have a treadklimber in my livingroom. Or something.

  2. Big Brother says:

    Give me a mountain anytime, much more interesting. ;o)

  3. Jazz says:

    Choochoo – until then you can climb the walls.BB – yeah, a mountain, and altitude sickness, and puking and all. Much more interesting.

  4. Jill says:

    Same here, not much inspiration going on. I was a lurker for years, literally. It only stopped after I got my own blog. I don’t think just telling lurkers to comment is going to make them de-lurk. There’s a whole lurker personality type and it’s complicated. Somebody should write a psychology research paper. Probably have trouble finding research subjects though….

  5. Ian Lidster says:

    Thank you for coming to my blog, and no I’m not a lurker, but I like your wit and wisdom and all those things and will definitely come back again. Hope you do, too. Oh, and I once asked a pretty young barista at my local coffee joint if I could ‘adopt’ her. She thanked me but thought her boyfriend might object. Drat!Ian

  6. Jazz says:

    Jill – Yep, that’s what I think too. So de-lurking week is basically sorta, well dumb.Ian – Oh Ian, you flatterer… I’ll be back to your blog too. Glad to see I’m not the only one of an age to adopt.

  7. ticknart says:

    Jazz, the way I see it is that nearly all blogs are made by people who think nothing is interesting, but say it anyway. That’s what mine’s about.As for de-lurking week, I’m pretty much only a lurker and I think that if people only write things on their blogs to get comments, maybe they shouldn’t be blogging.And maybe I’ve just made the world of bloggers hate me.

  8. Neil says:

    I don’t like to be double dared.

  9. Jocelyn says:

    Each of your fragments hit home with me–from wishing lurkers would comment to being fascinated by the tortures of gym equipment to the evil nature of pompoms. Just be Fragment Blogger. You do it well.

  10. Hageltoast says:

    hey chick, i am pretty uninspired at the mo. Still the point was to put my idle thoughts out there so i am just carrying on with that.Hugs

  11. Jazz says:

    Tick – Bingo. Like I said to Jill, delurking week strikes me as being sorta dumb.Neil – You’ve been outed.Jocelyn – You’re back! *runs off to see if she posted*Toast – Carry on!

  12. Tai says:

    Bonjour!I am NOT a lurker…I just found you by way of Phil. Good ‘ol Phil!Funny place you have here, I’ll be back!

  13. Jazz says:

    Tai – even if you were a lurker, I don’t mind lurkers, whatever your pleasure and all that… but thanks for stopping by.

  14. paula says:

    The pom-pom boots remind me that I bought a pair of Uggs this summer…that are sitting in my closet in Montreal. I had every intention of being up there for winter, but…Oh, well. : )Here’s a link for you to check out if you want to see who’s lurking on your blog: might also pep you up a bit and give you a little something else to help you get through January…February………

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