Crises and such

Posted: March 7, 2007 in Uncategorized

Hello, you have reached Jazz, I can’t come to the blog right now, as I’m busy having a neverending winter existential crisis.

Please leave your message after the tone.


  1. foxtrot says:

    Allo… allo…. allooooooo? I know you’re having the weather we had yesterday… flippin cold but it will get better, promise… sometimes in June I think it’s gonna get warm :)Go watch les tetes a claques, they have a new one.

  2. Hagel says:

    Jazz, this is your doctor, existential crises are best resolved under a duvet with hot chocolate. See to it, this instant for the sake of your mental health!

  3. geewits says:

    Watch a silly beach movie. I suggest 1982’s “Summer Lovers.” If nothing else it will make you feel smart.

  4. choochoo says:

    Whenever I have an existential crisis, I simply come to the conclusion that I do, in fact, not exist. Problem solved.

  5. Sounds like you need an existential detective.

  6. Jazz says:

    Foxtrot – I can’t begin to explain just how sick I am of this cold…Hagel – Mmmm hot cocoaGeewits – Feeling smart might be good, after all this time as brain dead.Chooch – I do not exist…Snay – Are they in the yellow pages?

  7. Ian Lidster says:

    Shades of Jean-Paul Sartre! Quelle domage. Funny, I was just thinking about the existential nature of life just this morning.But, as Choo-choo suggested, none of us exist, anyway, so no problem.Ian

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