Friday Drivel

Posted: June 1, 2007 in Uncategorized

Wanna know why I love Mr. Jazz (one reason among many).

Last night’s dinner: Tilapia cooked with a lemon confit (sort of a lemon pesto), steamed green beans, greek style potato chunks, a bottle of Riesling, candles. This on a Thursday evening.

Not only does the boy cook, he loves to do it. He’s a keeper he is.


For the Britneys of this world:

Anything too stupid to be said is sung. – Voltaire

He said it. He should know.

Obviously this doesn’t apply to “good” music. Bwah!


‘Tis the season. The weather is warming up, the clothes is coming off and we’re seeing things that no one should have to see. Leggings and a belly T on someone who weighs in at about 250. Super low rise jeans with stomachs hanging over the “waist”band. Cootchie baring micro minis with tops so low cut boobies are desperately hanging on for dear life, ’cause the laws of physics state they must tumble out eventually.

It’s always women. I’m not saying men always look good, not by a long shot, but at least they’re mostly covered up. Are women incapable of gauging their dress size? Does someone force them to buy clothes 3 sizes too small?

It’s about time the pendulum swung back. There should be a trend back to BIG clothes. I’m open minded but I really don’t want to see your buttcrack unless you’re a plumber – not even then actually. I don’t want to see your boobs haning out (but then I’m a woman), I don’t want to see the detail of your cellulite and I really don’t want to see your stomach hanging over your pants.


Blogger is screwing with my head. Not only have I edited this 4 times to try to get the formatting right (which it always screws up), but yesterday I was unable to post. And some of this had been saved as a draft, and I definitely can’t seem to post drafts. I had to copy it to a new post. Am I the only one having problems?


Update: A new reality show. This one is just nasty as explained on Big Brother’s blog.

  1. Hageltoast says:

    people are freaking gross in summer, whats worse when you are shopping than underdressed fat people and sweaty overweight men shirtless int he food aisles. *shudder*

  2. Big Brother says:

    Drivel or drool? Mind you it’s forgivable since it is Friday. But you are right about gross out time… why must we be subjected to such horrors, there should be a law for people who don’t know how to dress… visual pollution.

  3. If Britney Spears saw this post, she’d be jealous of Voltaire’s hair 🙂

  4. Ian Lidster says:

    Boobies and cootchie-emphasizing minis — what next, I ask? Girl was leaning into a car the other day talking to a friend, very short skirt, thonged-ass fully exposed. I thought of expressing some sort of appreciation, but then thought, if my daughter dressed like that I’d have locked her in her room for etenity.Tis, my dear, the age of the new vulgarity, and such role models young females have. If they’re not in the joint or rehab, then they’re flashing it for all and sundry on the street. Certainly takes the mystery away. Young lads now have seen more at 15 than I think I’d seen at 25.Voltaire and me, couldn’t agree more, BTW.Ian

  5. geewits says:

    They were doing repairs on blogger. It seems to be better now. I can actually put spaces between my paragraphs without using this:~As a size 12 46-year-old, I try very hard to dress appropriately for my size and age. It’s a tough call if you want to look sexy and not look stupid. I hope I am walking that line on the right side.

  6. Anonymous says:

    funny you should mention BIG for a fashion trend as I’ve been thinking that a burka might really work for me— sure it’ll be hot, but think of the easy coverage– pull it over your head and go!~bp

  7. Dorky Dad says:

    There are good reasons why I don’t walk around in summer with my shirt off or anything, because I care for my fellow human beings. I wish others would follow the same rule.

  8. Voyager says:

    Am I the only person who does not know what Bwah means? Please someone, educate me.V.

  9. Jocelyn says:

    My formatting gets screwed up a lot, but I can always post drafts. Hmmm.I agree about the damn clothes. There’s something to be said for a mu-mu.And kudos to Mr. Jazz!

  10. Jazz says:

    Toastie – ShudderBB – Yep, there should be a law, and all the money from the fines should go to me.Snay – Indeed, cause she obviously wouldn’t know who the hell he was.Ian – And to think our parents thought our generation was vulgar… well it was, compared to theirs, but still.Geewits – Size 12? You’re tiny girl.BP – I’ve seen pictures of you. If I looked like you I’d be wearing boobie baring tops and coochie barings skirts. OK, maybe not, but you get my drift.DD – the rest of us thank you.Voyager – “Bwah” is a laugh, but sort of a snarky laugh. Not quite used in the right context here. Shame on me. Ever the grammar whore I am, even with non-existant words.Jocelyn – Mr. Jazz does indeed deserve kudos.

  11. choochoo says:

    Hehe, gotta love Voltaire:D

  12. Evil Spock says:

    Nice menu!Oh, and Evil Spock doesn’t want to have to go back to big clothes too soon. Evil Spock just cleared Evil Spock’s wardrobe of XL shirts and such.

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