I wish to thank the Academy, or…

Posted: July 17, 2007 in Uncategorized

You like me! You really like me!*

Ian at Or So I Thought (and I’m not linking him because a) I’m too lazy and b) I’ve linked him a million times and he’s in my blog roll and if you still haven’t found him, I give up – thinks I’m a blogger with the power to schmooze (I so love yiddish words, what a brilliant language).

“He’s a schmoozer, I’m a schmoozer, don’t you want to be a schmoozer too? Be a schmoozer, blog with the schmoozers, be a schmoozer, blog with the schmoozers”**

Have you ever noticed how strange certain words look or sound when you repeat them over and over?

Ok, um.. back to the subject. See? Winning this award has made me all giddy.

Of course, when you think of it, it’s not that hard an award to get, mathematically speaking. If every person who gets it passes it on to five people, it’s a matter of mere months before the whole blogosphere is the proud recipient of the coveted “Schmoozer award”. But maybe that’s the point seeing at it’s a “blogging community involvement award”.

Yet again I digress. Back to the subject Jazz.

Actually the whole blogging community involvement part is interesting. Many non-bloggers or non-forumers don’t really understand how this can be a real community. Lots of people just don’t get it.

Personally I love the interaction in my blog and those I visit. I love checking out the comments, responding to them, getting to know other bloggers through them. Many of my favourite blogs were found through the comments on others’ blogs.

Again I’ve been told, “So its a sort of friendship without any investment” (spoken in a condescending tone). Perhaps it is, I don’t know. But must all relationships involve tons of investment and committment? I think I have a lot less invested with several people I know in real life than I do with some of the bloggers I read.

The only problem I have with these things and memes (and it is a major problem) is that every time, I end up discovering a whole new passel of blogs I love. There are only so many hours in a day unfortunately. And I do have a real life…

You know what? This post is going absolutely nowhere at a dangerously high speed.

So lets’s tag those five bloggers. I’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t have this award at least once, if not more…

Gnightgirl because she is an awesome woman doing wonderful work that started out with sending a few beanie babies to her son in Iraq to distribute to the children. It has become a huge endeavour with people sending in thousands of beanie babies, soccer balls and such to Iraq. An award should be developed exclusively for her. All this because of her blog. If that isn’t schmoozing, I don’t know what is.

Jill because she’s hilarious and she really needs to post something new blog – her last is over a week old. Besides, I have to butter her up, in case I go to Texas this fall and call to meet her. How can she say no if I’ve given her an award?

Toastie is one of those bloggers who became a friend (through a forum first). Besides she needs an award, she just got her driver’s license. Perhaps all of England should now hide.

Ticknart because I just love the boy and because I will soon be shamelessly poach his 100 questions comments or observations post. This could save me from his wrath.

Evil Spock I know BB already gave it to him, but he does deserve it again, he is after all a schmoozer extraordinaire who is dead set on taking over the world, starting with the US presidency in 2012. The US needs him as president so numerous nominations for an award will look good on his resumé. Too bad it’s not a humanitarian award, but we do what we can.

And for anyone else who is intersted, feel free to award it to yourself. That way everyone in the blogosphere will have one that much quicker. ‘Cause we’re all for inclusion and all.

* Poor Sally Field, will that comment ever disappear from our radars? Or is it only me who remembers the moment…

** Sung to the jingle of the Dr. Pepper commercials of old. Has the jingle changed? Probably. Does anyone know the song I’m talking about?

  1. Evil Spock says:

    Geez, I am honestly really flattered when people do these things for me. I’m just out trying to get a laugh for myself, and I’m happy there are other people out there that feel the same way. Thank you!

  2. Hageltoast says:

    Aww thanks hun. *does happy dance* chuffed to bits. 🙂

  3. Ian Lidster says:

    I agree with everything you wrote, even about the Yiddish, but then again, I almost always agree with everything you write.Thanks for including hageltoast, she’s a fave of mine, too.Anyway, nicely done and, as I said on Voyager’s blog, I agree with you about only having so much time in a day.Cheers,Ian

  4. choochoo says:

    Yay you. Don’t let it go to your head:P

  5. Josie says:

    Congrats, Jazz. You should get a special award just for your cabin stories. You had me in stitches.Josie

  6. Dorky Dad says:

    Hey, congratulations! Way to go … it’s always nice when someone recognizes you!

  7. Jay says:

    Well, congratulations to you, even from my limited exposure I’d say you’ve earned it.

  8. CS says:

    SOmeone (with whom I no longer correspond) said blogging was an unhealthy on-line game desgned to replace my real life. If he’d actually read my blog carefully, he’d see I have plenty of reallife going on. But maybe you have to be involved in blogging to get it.

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