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Posted: July 30, 2007 in Uncategorized

Did you know that there are two different dust jackets for the Harry Potter books? I realized this when I bought the book this weekend (for cheap at Costco, sorry independant booksellers who price it at $45.00 here in Canada, but there is just no way).

There’s the regular “kids” dust jacket and the “adult” one that’s dark coloured with some sort of symbol on the front.

How very bizarre. I suppose some adults don’t want it to be too obvious that they’re reading a children’s book. That is so freaking ridiculous, do they really believe that no one will notice? Deal with it people, you’re reading a kid’s book. So what!

Besides, it’s not like the title is all that discrete on the “adult” version. Harry Potter is written even bigger than on the kid’s version.

People are idiots.


This morning in the car on the way to work a commecial on the radio: Come to Whatever Sports Store for your ski equipment. Huh? Excuse me? July. 30 degrees. Gimme a fuckin’ break already! Winter will be here soon enough…


Television is the first truly democratic culture – the first culture available to everybody and entirely governed by what the people want. The most terrifying thing is what people do want. – Clive Barnes


I found this hysterically funny, which proves, I guess, that I have teenage boy genes rolling around my system somewhere…


Another cool drawing blog: Mattias Inks. This one from Sweden…


In the stupid words file: Oreiller (i.e. Pillow). I had a flash last night on my way to getting myself to sleep. Pillow, in French, has to be one of the most stupid words in the language. It comes from the word “Oreille” (ear). So basically in French you pillow is a place to lay your ears. Not your head, nope, your ears…

The mind boggles.

  1. Big Brother says:

    Definitely “ado” lil sister, really funny but juvenile. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t fart, being beans and all.

  2. Ian Lidster says:

    Sreamin’ Beans will permit me to carry on with my week. But, I guess I actually was a teenage boy once, so it continues to work.Ian

  3. Evil Spock says:

    I could never get past the illustrations on the children’s version. I thought about reading the books, but then my friend ruined the ending in the last one. I guess I’ll continue to not care.

  4. ticknart says:

    I only got to choose from one cover.

  5. Dan says:

    People are idiots.Tell me something I don’t know. And I’m the biggest of them all of course. :)Oh … those poor beans!! 🙂

  6. OneFullHouse says:

    My husband is french canadian… I should go laugh at him about the word ‘pillow’…I never knew that.Thanks for adding some humour to my evening.

  7. geewits says:

    If they were going to make different book jackets to appeal to different types of people, they should have had a cover of a cold sweaty beer sitting on a bar. I might have bought it.Could the commercial have been for water skiing equipment?

  8. Jazz says:

    BB – Juvenile is fun once in a whileIan – I’m glad to be of serviceSpock – All things considered, there not really all that mujch to care aboutTickart – I imagine it’s the kids cover…Dan – Of course you aren’t an idiot, does my saying that make you feel better?OFH – Amaze him with your knowledge of french, and thanks for stopping by.Geewits – Imagine the outcry if you had a beer on an HP book! And nope it was definitely 100% snow skis. *sigh*

  9. Hageltoast says:

    lmao!! i like the beans!!

  10. ticknart says:

    Actually, it’s neither of those. It’s this one.

  11. Jazz says:

    Tick – whoa! and what is that, the adolescent version? How freakin’ many covers does that stupid book have?

  12. We used to change dust jackets on books when I was a teen – heh, the Harry Potter one, either version, would have come in handy.

  13. Jazz says:

    Toast – Everyone loves the beans…Joe – Yeah, HP is more acceptable than lots of stuff I was reading as a teen too.

  14. CS says:

    And of course, the American dust jacket isn’t either of those. I showed my younger son the two covers and we agreed that the second one is cooler. And the bean thing was hysterical – I emailed it to several people. I took perverse pleasure in squashing each screaming bean.

  15. choochoo says:

    But do the french have a place to put their nose?

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