This time tomorrow…

Posted: September 26, 2007 in Uncategorized

… I’ll probably still be snoozing.

This time Friday, I’ll be on the plane to Dallas.
This time Saturday I’ll have reconnected with Patty after a couple of years, can’t wait.
This time Sunday, I’ll be in Corpus Christi.
This time sometime next week I’ll have met Geewits (also can’t wait)
This time the week after that I’ll be spending a week at the cottage.

I love vacations.

  1. Too_Lively says:

    Have a wonderful time!

  2. Ian Lidster says:

    Sounds like a fine scenario to me. Feeling in post-vacation let-down right now, can I come and join you?Have fun, and I know you both will. Give Geewits a hug for me.

  3. Big Brother says:

    Too much time off isn’t good for you… you’ll lose your edge. ;o) have a good holiday anyhow.

  4. There’s a touch of envy in my keyboard as I type this. I love to go on trips. Have a grand time and enjoy every second of it.

  5. Tai says:

    Hey! I wanna meet Geewits! Well at least give her a good ol’ Canadian hug for me, would you?

  6. geewits says:

    Are you guys flying to Corpus? It’s 400 miles from Plano. Oh and I found another highway to take to Plano so I don’t have to get on 75 (worst highway EVER!) I’m really looking forward to meeting you. Josie thinks my accent is kinda funny so I can’t wait to hear YOUR opinion. I hope you have a good flight and great weather at the beach.

  7. Voyager says:

    Have fun. Don’t do anything on your vacation I wouldn’t do. (Now that’s not wise advice.)v.

  8. Have a super vacation!!!

  9. Hageltoast says:

    have a wonderful time and take loads of pics for us.

  10. Josie says:

    Well, I haven’t met Geewits yet, but I have talked to her on the phone a few times, and she has the most delightful southern accent. You will have a great time.

  11. Susan Tuttle says:

    Have a wonderful time! If you are anywhere near McKinney–about 45 mins out of Dallas, you must go to Poppy’s–my favorite restaurant–the decor is victorian meets retro meets modern flare.–and the lemondrop martinis are quite refreshing. I have family that lives near there so get to partake of this fabulous spot now and then.Happy vacation!Susan

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