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Just as I was desperately seeking, not Susan, but something to blog about, Furiousball did what is for me a lifesaving meme. I love how memes fit in the “blogging without having to wrack your brain for something to blog about category”.

This being said, there seem to be many less memes going around since the holidays – seems I used to see one every week or so…

Anyway, thank you Furiousball for metaphorically saving my ass.

Two names you go by – Jazz and Lil

Two things you are wearing right now – A red blazer and black pants

Two things you would want (or have) in a relationship – Humour and love

Two of your favorite things to do – Read and travel

Two things you want very badly at the moment – I want the furnace to work well and I want the Colleague from Hell (aka CFH) to shut the fuck up already!

Two pets you had/have – I’ve had five, at their peak at the same time: Achille, Virgule, Bianca, Mitaine and Charlot, all cats. Right now I’m petless except for the dust bunnies who are taking over the house.

Two people you think will fill this outIan because he does what I tell him to do and Happy Downtowner, because I think it’ll be her first meme so she’ll do it simply because it’s new and different. Well not so different, but, whatever. And whoever needs something to blog about, feel free.

Two things that you did last night – Watched Steve Buscemi’s film Interview (damn I love him). Cleaned the above mentioned furnace.

Two things you ate today – Nature’s Path Heritage Bites and a grapefruit.

Two people you last talked to – Mr. Jazz and the CFH (insert horror movie music).

Two things you’re doing tomorrow – Working, taking public transport – honestly, I could do without both, but there you go.

Two longest car rides – Montreal-Tucson and back (that was when Mr. Jazz and I realized we really really liked road tripping together) and Montreal-Key West, which was nice but less cool because there were three of us. There was also the time we rented a car and wandered around the south of France for a week. Mileage wise I don’t know how long it was, but it was great fun. The Galamus gorges, Carcassonne, Colioure (sp?) and the Dali Museum in Figueras, Spain among other things.

Two favorite holidays – My birthday (which happens fall on a holiday in Quebec, St. Jean Baptiste day) and basically any day when I’m off work.

Two favorite beverages – Wine. I love me my wine. Tea, ’cause nothing is better than a hot cup of freshly brewed tea.

Two people no longer alive who you’d like to talk to – I guess I could get all historical and choose Ghandi and Elizabeth I, but like Furiousball, I’d much rather keep it closer to home. I’d love to talk with my father again – we had such great conversations – and my four (well five since granddad married twice) grandparents.

  1. Casdok says:

    Yes i think Ghandi would be an interesting choice with a glass of wine!

  2. Ian Lidster says:

    OK, I bit, because you told me to, and I always obey what a lady tells me to do. Oh, and message to Casdok, I don’t think Gandhi drank wine, he was more of a greenapple martini dude — you know, always trendy.

  3. furiousBall says:

    Hadn’t heard of that Buscemi film, must add to the list. thanks for tha shout out.

  4. Maddy says:

    I love memes to, but only to read other peoples!Cheers

  5. Josie says:

    You have a colleague from hell as well? So do I. I call her the black widow spider.There is a little something for you on my blog.

  6. Lhianon says:

    Hi… good to see you, havn’t stopped in for a while.Just wanted to let you know i’ve missed our chats.xoxox

  7. Tai says:

    Read and travel…best answers EVER!

  8. Big Brother says:

    Yep lil sister the meme pretty my=much says it all… what a life, public transport and work??? How low hath thou sunk. ;o)

  9. Dorky Dad says:

    Heckuva job. But my favorite holidays are grandparents day and Arbor Day. Nobody picks those.

  10. geewits says:

    Humour, Love, Wine, The South of France. These are all good and make a great counter-balance to the CFH!

  11. XUP says:

    OOOOo – you popped HD’s meme cherry…

  12. Jazz says:

    Casdok – Interesting yes, but I still prefer my grandpa with a glass of wine. Or maybe his famous champagne cocktail.Ian – looking forward to it.Furiousball – It’s based on a film Van Gogh (the one who was murdered) did… or something… Seen better, seen much worse.Maddy -I’ll never tag you then!Josie – Don’t we all? Mine is recent though. Dealing with her is a learning curve…Lhia – miss you tooTai – you would say that! LOLBB – I’ve sunk no lower than usual. But I should add that I’ll probably be watching DVDs of Season 5 of Family Guy. That show just keeps getting more and more bizarre….DD – Yeah but you have to work those days. Besides, we don’t have arbour day up here in the great white north.Geewits – You’re the best for showing me the good side… What would I do without you? :-)Xup – I did indeed. Now let’s see if she takes me up on it…

  13. Gledwood says:

    aw bloody hell you just reminded me I got tagged yesterday and I still can’t get my head round it… something to do with illustrating various points with posts I have written..??hey long time since I’ve been HERE do you even remember me? I’m sure I said hi at the time;->…

  14. Dear Jazz, you ask, I answer! 🙂 Took me a few tries as I can be a bit clumsy with blogging but it’s done 🙂

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