The joy of winter…

Posted: February 11, 2008 in Uncategorized

(Damn you blogger for refusing to upload my picture….)

Imagine if you will a winter Friday. Moving furniture on a winter Friday. Moving furniture to a cottage at the top of 40 stairs at the top of several hills on a winter Friday.

That’s exactly what we did last Friday. A friend of ours moved, and had extra furniture to get rid of. We figured that since the 70s couch at the cottage was nearing the end of its useful life (i.e. it was disintegrating at an accelerated rate), taking the friend’s eminently nappable couch and loveseat off his hands was, well, the charitable thing to do. We’re nice like that. Charitable we are, yep.

So Mr. Jazz called the friendly neighbourhood car rental people to reserve an Econoline van. Jazzmo (the Matrix) might have the most amount of storage space in her class, but clearly, this was beyond even her.

So we picked up the van, we drove it to friend’s place. Mr. Jazz and I loaded the furniture into the van. Yeah, verily, Ms Strongarm I am. Then we pootled off to the cottage.

All this had happened at a good clip, so we were in fine shape timewise when we got to the road leading to the cottage.

Which is where all hell broke loose. Of course. Because a) I’m obviously not going to tell you a story about the perfect move and b) Murphy’s law had not yet come into play and it was getting late in the game so it had to be there or not at all. And we all know that Murphy’s law just can’t resist fucking with me.

You see, despite being in Quebec, with Quebec winters of snow and ice (surprise!) rentals have four season tires. Every Quebecer knows that four season tires are useless during that mythic fourth season. But waddaya gonna do. It’s not like they actually offer winter tires on rentals. Though the government has just passed a law that starting next year all vehicles will have to have winter tires in winter – even rentals. About time. Especially since most renters are tourists from Europe come to see the exotic Canadian winter who have never driven in winter conditions. Snow. Ice. 4-season tires. Inexperienced drivers – a recipe for disaster… Of course, you also have the Quebec drivers who are so good at driving they don’t need winter tires. Hell, they don’t need tires, period. Because they have testosterone. But I digress.

Not only does the van have four season tires, it’s also rear wheel drive. In short, it’s a piece o’ shit rental. So, yeah, you see where I’m going with this. In the curve, on the way up one of the hills, the wheels start spinning, the thing fishtails and embeds itself in a snowbank. Finally, with the help of two friends, one a neighbour and the other the friend who was spending the weekend at the cottage to help us move the furniture in because I might be Ms. Strongarm but hauling a couch up 60 steps is somewhat beyond me, I’m sort of like Jazzmo that way, there are limits to my capacity (and how’s that for a digression) – we get it out of there, start backing it down the hill… and into another snowbank it goes. If I didn’t know better I’d swear that stupid white truck was trying to hide from us and the next hill we would have kindly requested it to climb. Because the thing was sentient. And it hated us. Perhaps for taking it out of its warm garage and onto a snowy country road.

I’ll spare you the details but eventually we had to call the area superman (you know him, every neighbourhood has one, he’s the one who knows how to fix everything, who owns every tool known to mankind and knows how to use it and is more than willing to show you how it should be done). He came over with his kick ass 4-wheel drive pick-up truck and a chain, and hauled the van out bodily. No more nonsense. No more trying to hide, no snowbank camouflage. The gig was up. Once in a while I love those oversized gas guzzlers. I guess superheroes need more equipment than the rest of us. And Gilles was definitely the superhero Friday night. Jack Bauer has nothing on him. Except perhaps a willingness to kill everything that moves. Which hopefully is not Gilles’ case. That would be bad. Seeing how Murphy’s law and I get along. And stuff.

Finally, it took longer to drive those 600 meters to the cottage than to leave Montreal, pick up the furniture and get to the point where the whole mess morphed into a blog post.

Once Mr. Jazz and Mr. Mawwwk got the van emptied and the furniture up and the old couch into the van I figured the cottage no longer looked cottagey enough and told them to put everything back the way it was. Somehow, they didn’t think it was such a funny joke. Me, I thought I was hilarious. Go figure. No sense of humour these men who went above and beyond to get this done… tsk tsk.

Of course the next morning the truck had to be returned to Montreal so Jazz sat up half the night, doing the hellish anxiety thing, plotting the road out by the millimetre reviewing where we could get stuck and how everything could, once again go horribly wrong (that’s for you Mr. Jazz). I finally fell asleep about 5:00, after which Mr. Jazz woke up and repeated the whole exercise. Had I known I would have told him not to bother because I had been excessively thorough in my anxiety. There was really no way he could one-up me on this. None.

The way out, obviously, was a total anticlimax.

It went swimmingly, probably because we had karma-ed all the nastiness out of it. Nothing could go wrong because it had all gone horribly wrong (again for you Mr. J) at least 652,469 times the previous night.

Did I ever tell you how much I hate winter?

  1. Hageltoast says:

    damn wish you’d been able to do photos.

  2. furiousBall says:

    I’m getting the sneaking suspicion that you’d like to knock over snowmen

  3. Susan Tuttle says:

    What an adventure!???Susanxo

  4. Jazz says:

    Toast – No photo could have done it justice. Walls of snow, a stupid van and a bunch of ineffectual city bumpkins…. sighFuriousball – I’d have to be outside to knock over snowmen. At this point I just want to hibernate until the end of winter. If there ever is an end to winter.Susan – That’s one way of looking at it. I personally think the universe takes a perverse pleasure in annoying me.

  5. geewits says:

    Not a fun way to spend a Friday night. It’s over now and you have cozy new furniture that I imagine will be there for the rest of your life, right?

  6. Rachel says:

    No, I dont think you ever told us how much you hate winter. Please do regale us! 🙂

  7. Paula says:

    The futon awaits you if you want to pop down. : ) And, hey…I do that too, angst out for hours trying to solve every conceivable problem that could crop up. Of course, the things I worried about never happened. Useless use of energy!

  8. Only you can write in such a way! Loved reading it, and I could so imagine you and Mr. Jazz “debating” how best to deal with the situation LOL Nothing frustrates me more than dealing with crappy tires in the snow. All season tires are useless in the snow. So strange that although it’s the law to have winter tires, rental cars are exempt… boggles the mind… Glad all ended well. I look forward to seeing the new furniture, soon I hope 🙂

  9. ps: forgot to say that joke WAS hilarious, even though these poor men who did so much couldn’t see it 🙂

  10. BBC says:

    I am never going to move again, it’s too much work. I moved here to die, this is a good place to die.

  11. Thank you for your post and taking my mind off of things here for a few minutes. Off topic, but thank you for your comment today.

  12. Jazz says:

    Geewits – One thing is certain, I’m not moving any of that stuff OUT. The day I sell the cottage, it’s going with everything in it.Rachel – They haven’t invented a word that can accurately cover how much I hate winter.Paula – Yeah, useless indeed. I never used to have any anxiety until we bought the cottage. Of course, it’s well worth any anxiety it might generate.HD – The winter tire law isn’t in effect yet. It starts next winter.BBC – I’m about ready to never move again myself.POP – If my post could take your mind off things I’m happy. Take care of yourself.

  13. Tai says:

    Urg! Well, the only good thing about all of that is that it’s over now.(Rather like banging your head against a wall ‘cus it feels so good to stop!)4 season tires? I’ve never heard of that before, ’round these parts, we call them “All seasons”.

  14. Middle Ditch says:

    That rental is a bit like my new computer. It hates me and does all sort of weird things just to show me who’s boss.Just wait you damn thing .. just … wait …

  15. Jocelyn says:

    Maybe you should hate couches instead of winter? I was totally waiting for you to rip apart my pathetic attempts at French in my latest post, btw. Thanks for restraining yourself. It could’ve been good therapy, though…

  16. Once again, this is why I live in the South.

  17. Dorky Dad says:

    I’m with Jocelyn. You should hate couches. I hate our couches. At least I hate moving them. Stupid couches.

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