Please make it stop!!!!

Posted: March 6, 2008 in Uncategorized

So far this year Montreal has had 413 cm of snow.

That’s 163 inches people, 13.6 FEET!!!

And we’re expecting another 25-30 cm (10-12 inches give or take) this weekend, and possibly another storm next Wednesday – which I prefer to ignore, after all, they’re always wrong about the good weather, maybe this time they’ll be wrong about the bad stuff too…

When I hear about daffodils blooming in Vancouver, my gut reaction is to slit my wrists.

And yes, I know I’m whining, but,


  1. Rachel says:

    let me now take this opportunity to suggest you move somewhere further south, say, perhaps, Connecticut? *beams*

  2. XUP says:

    It’s not the snow I mind so much, it’s just that I’m so flippin’ sick to death of my winter coat and boots. I want to douse them in gasoline and set fire to them and then flush the ashes down the toilet and then scrub the toilet and then move to another home with a different toilet.

  3. furiousBall says:

    that’s 0.041402 hectometers…0.020581 furlongs…0.002234 UK nautical miles…

  4. Wanna trade places for like 24 hours? You can go to the beach and I can play in the snow.

  5. ticknart says:

    Wait, four meters all at once? Or spread out over the course of months?

  6. Tai says:

    *gulp*Uh…there are NO daffodils in Victoria. In fact we’re buried under 30 feet of snow and rain, not to mention the earthquake. And the tsunami.Right Josie???

  7. Wow. That is definitely WAY too much of a good thing. I hope you guys get a thaw soon. (And I apologize in advance for all the spring weather posting I’ll be doing.)

  8. Ian Lidster says:

    I can only wish for you that it will very soon be over. I hate even the piddling little bit of snow we get, so I couldn’t imagine what that would be like.

  9. Yup, Toronto is just about to get one as well, spread over 48 hours. Sun is still shining now but we know it ain’t gonna last! All in all we should get around 25 cms as well. We’re tired, we’re so tired we don’t even react when we hear we’re getting more snow (at least I am numb) then you get the road rage which if it wasn’t so flippin pathetic, it could actually be funny to see road rage at 5 kms an hour right? I’ll come hold your wrists while I slash mine 🙂

  10. Jazz says:

    Rachel – May I take this opportunity to suggest that the new American president annex Canada so I could actually legally do that? ‘course it would be WAY further south than Connecticut, sorry.XUP – The boots and coats are also a problem for me. But the move! In the snow!!! ugh.Furiousball – Wow, thanks for sharing that. .ooooo2 seems so much less than 13 freaking feet!POP – we trade places, I’m NOT coming back. Be warned.Ticknart – Since November. We’ve broken the record for the most snow ever in a year. Or we will this weekend.Tai – Ha! And I believe you… yes, of course I do.Citizen – Myself, I feel it’s way too much of an altogether nasty thing.Ian – try to imagine and multiply that by 1,000,000 more or less.HD – I’ll do your wrists if you do mine.

  11. geewits says:

    Uhm, at least it’s consistent? Here is our weather for this past week:Sunday: 70 partly cloudyMonday: 40 snowTuesday: 55 partly cloudyWednesday: 68 sunnyThursday: 34 snow/sleetFriday: 44 sunnyIf you are someone who likes to plan your outfits for the week, do not move here.

  12. Jazz, to update you, snow has started here. We’re in for 48 hours of the stuff.

  13. Isn’t that the stuff we put in Sno-cones and margaritas? It falls from the sky, huh? Yeah, OK. You’ve got quite the imagination.

  14. Susan Tuttle says:

    Yikes!!! I do hear exactly where you are coming from – it has been pretty brutal here in Maine as well. Normally I absolutely love the snow, but enough is enough.Susan

  15. Josie says:

    Oh, Jazz, I feel so bad for you. But, if it’s any consolation, apart from the winter weather, you live in the best city in Canada. It is waaaaay more exciting and interesting than Vancouver, and I would take that over a few daffodils any day!

  16. That girl says:

    I just had this exact conversation with my hubby, who is in Montreal currently to spend SPRING (do you hear that SPRING!!) break with his kids. He called here complaining about all the snow you guys are having.In return I went outside (we live in Vancouver) and took a picture of me in shorts and send it to him.He hung up on me when I called to check if he got it….guess there’s no humour about this back east, eh? Lol…

  17. Hageltoast says:

    Yikes, that would pretty much do my head in too.Here’s wishing you sunshine.

  18. Dave says:

    Got 40cm this weekend…. I know EXACTLY what you mean! Arrrrgh!

  19. Jazz says:

    Geewits – I’d take a 70 degree day over consistent anytime.HD – I didn’t need to know that, ya know…Joe – It is indeed a helluvan imagination if I managed to create today’s driving situation all on my own. I’m like something out a a Stephen King novel. Now if only I could harness the power and imagine heat instead…Susan – We’re absolutely on the same page here.Josie – at this point i’d take daffodils over interest.That girl – unfortunately you can’t hang up a blog :-pToast – Oh, we have sunshine, and it’s -14 this morning.Dave – Can’t beat life in the great white north…. *sigh*

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