Things I know to be true…

Posted: May 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

  • When you have two places (i.e. a cottage and a place in town) they each get about half the cleaning they deserve. You will not double the time you spend cleaning. Trust me.
  • Put me within three feet of a knife and I’ll cut myself.
  • Doors frames and furniture move when I’m around, just so I’ll bump into them. No, really, they do!
  • I’ve just started watching season six of 24, and they’re really stretching our credibility this time. The guy spends 20 months in a Chinese prison and 1/2 hour after he’s out he cleans up and gives himself a really good haircut and an hour after that he’s running around LA fit as a fiddle? After 20 months of quasi starvation and torture? C’mon!!! Iron Man move over. Jack is back. I love me my televised comic book heros.
  • Work is highly overrated, even if you like your job a lot.
  • This post by XUP is brilliant. People should be obliged to check this out before they get face lifts.
  • The Millenium series by Swedish author Stieg Larsson is brilliant as well (the first of the three is, anyway). I have no idea if they’ve been translated into English. Too bad he died from a massive coronary just after he had finished the three books…
  • Fun Home, a graphic novel by Alison Bechdel is a must read. Even if you’re not into graphic novels
  • Family rocks – whether the one you were born with (if you got lucky like I did) or the one you chose over the years.
  • Never ever ever bet with Mr. Jazz on the name of an obscure character from a comic book he grew up reading (the question being who was Falballa in Asterix). You will lose your money. Guaranteed. ‘Cause Mr. Jazz? He knows. A friend of ours learned this yesterday.
  • When the hummingbirds arrive, I am one happy camper. They should be here within the next couple of weeks.
  • I miss having pets.
  • 40 is not the new 30. Your 40s are ever and forever the 40s, the jump into middle age, grey hair, aches for no reason, choosing to stay home over going clubbing, renting a movie rather than going out to see it… (le sigh). On the plus side, the sex is great.
  1. furiousBall says:

    I’m going to be entering 40dom in a few years and I honestly feel better than I did 10 years ago physically, emotionally and alphabetically.

  2. Try 50 being the new 40 *beurk* I really hate the way they make it look like it’s such a bad thing to be in your 40s and 50s… Makes me cringe… ps: can’t wait to see the hummingbirds too!

  3. ticknart says:

    24 Season 6: Really a downer because seasons 4 and 5 were so frakkin’ excellent. Here’s hoping season 7 will bring the excellence back next year.

  4. Jazz says:

    Fuball – Good on you mate! We’ll take when you get to the tail end of your 40s. (ok, I’m just being crabby today).HD – Yeah, and 100 is the new 98. Pffft.Tick – It’s not as good, true, but watching it on DVD helps. No Charmin or McDonald’s commercials. But still…

  5. Ian Lidster says:

    And as long as the sex is great (at any age), what else can we want?

  6. Tai says:

    I LOVE Asterix! But I don’t remember Falballa. Hmmmm….help me out Mr. Jazz!

  7. XUP says:

    Who’d want to be 25 again? Not me. Ya, it would be nice not to fall apart physically, but have you noticed how you feel so much better about yourself over 40 than you ever did when you were a 25-year-old firm hottie?

  8. Jazz says:

    Ian – what else indeed?Tai – Falballa is a girl who at one point Obelix is in love with. We all thought the was the old man’s (don’t remember his name) hot young wife – she has no name in the series, she’s always referred to as Mrs. Old Man, sorta like my boy is always referred to as Mr. Jazz… So anyway, three of us thought she was Falballa. We were wrong. Only one of us dared to bet on it though…XUP – You’re right, I’d never want to be that age again. Though I wouldn’t mind having the 25 year old body with the 46 years of experience. That would be cool.

  9. Big Brother says:

    You didn’t know who Falballa was… shame on you… she always wears her hair down, whereas Mrs. Old Man wears hers in a bun on top of her head if I remember correctly…

  10. Jazz says:

    BB – there are more important things to know in life, like for instance that knives and door jambs and furniture are all out to get me…

  11. Susan Tuttle says:

    I’m lovin’ this post – I can relate to so many of these things.Susan

  12. Rachel says:

    Ive found that sex is always great (physical rewards notwithstanding) when you have a wonderful partner with whom you have a wonderful relationship and whom you love dearly. Cheers to you and Mr Jazz!Oh and the aged faces, I AGREE totally. Other natural faces I think are beautiful: Sally Field and Diane Keaton.

  13. Josie says:

    I just read Xup’s post, and it seems fitting to comment here because Germaine Greer looks softer and more beautiful than she did 30 years ago. So, I would think being in your 40s, it’s not so bad. You can only get more beautiful!

  14. geewits says:

    You share the knife thing with my Mom. I won’t even stay in the kitchen with her if she’s going to be cutting something. And then she’s so blase about it. I guess because she knows it’s going to happen.The doorjambs, tables and opened dishwasher and refrigerator doors attack ME! I can just be standing there minding my own business.

  15. Jazz says:

    Susan – Glad to see I’m not aloneRachel – I find it sad to see beautiful women becoming total freaks because they want to stay young. Thing is, they’re still 60 or 70 or whatever.Josie – Bah, 40s isn’t so bad, the day on the other hand was rather blah.Geewits – I am not alone! The two of us should never be in a room toghether. The house would come tumbling down in an effort to get us.

  16. Jocelyn says:

    Amazing sex makes up for nearly everything.And I’m so glad you’ve read FUN HOME. Whenever I talk about it, I find myself using the word “heroic.” She did an amazing thing there!

  17. Unless you’re in your 40’s and single again. Then you find yourself doing some of those things you thought you’d given up (like going ot clubs. AND the sex is still great.

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