Sexy or Sexist?

Posted: June 18, 2008 in News and views

As Media Circus says, “Anyone can make sexist ads but it takes a certain amount of focus, greed and sheer insensitivity to make ads like the ones below”.

This link brings you to the “best” sexist ads in the world as compiled by Media Circus
  1. Dumdad says:

    Incredible!Interesting site, thanks.

  2. choochoo says:

    Yikes. Gotta love greed and sheer insensitivity. LOL

  3. furiousBall says:

    although it is insensitive. i am, for one, pro-blowjobs

  4. Urban Animal says:

    Actually the stupidity of it made me smile a little bit, then I noticed a formatting error/typo… lol (my training)

  5. LOL @ furiousball. The ad got a laugh out of me. I thought it was quite clever..LOL

  6. XUP says:

    To be fair, most ads featuring men these days always make them look like hopeless buffoons. So, in summary, women are mindless sex toys and men are just mindless.

  7. Ian Lidster says:

    Actually, I think it’s quite funny. Sexist, but funny. That almost forgives it.

  8. Big Brother says:

    At least it’s funny. Sexist but a clever word play.

  9. I have to say, I don’t think it is particularly clever or funny. Unless 8th grade humor is clever and funny.

  10. Riot!Sandra Evertson

  11. Susan Tuttle says:

    Yikes! Unbelievable!Sxo

  12. Jocelyn says:

    It’s rare, but it’s happened: I’m speechless.

  13. Jazz says:

    Dumdad – yep the site is very interesting.Choochoo – yeah…. gotta.Fuball – of course you are. Animal – yeah that typo jumped out at me too. Similar training.Suzan – You can always count on Furiousball for a pithy commentXUP – yep, that pretty much sums it up.Ian and BB – Funny in an adolescent boy kind of way. Citizen – you gotta remember who this is geared to…Susan and Sandra – It’s pretty much all been said, eh?Jocelyn – Wow, I never thought I’d see the day.

  14. Anonymous says:

    holy SHIT! guess they only want male clients of a certain persuasion .. . ~bluepoppy

  15. It’s sexist… but the woman in the ad knows what she likes, and it isn’t the audience, so it’s kind of an insult to their customer, too. If this ad applies to you, then you must be sexually unappealing, and don’t have a hope in hell with a woman like this. It re-enforces the stereotype of the computer nerd as sexually-desperate and virginal. Sad. Pathetic. Lonely.

  16. Hageltoast says:

    lol, i think it’s kinda fun,but also agree with Kimber that it’s slightly offensive to customers.

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