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Posted: July 22, 2008 in Uncategorized

So here I was, trying to post the last two awards to my sidebar (along with another three I never got around to doing) and Blogger and Photofuckit refuse to put up the pics. They’re probably just trying to save me from the deadly sin of Pride. Not that it’ll help, I’m guilty of all the others anyway.

Since I’m doomed in any case, I want to be doomed with my awards up, dammnit!

  1. This is great..I really hope you aren’t really feeling that way today!Great journal spread!!suzan

  2. Jazz says:

    Suzan – Thanks… and yes, this is pretty much how I’m feeling today…

  3. Jazz says:

    PS: But this too will pass, it always does.

  4. XUP says:

    Ya – I have the same issues trying to do fancy schmancy stuff on my blog. So mostly I don’t.

  5. I defintely have those moments!!

  6. Jocelyn says:

    I’d say the graphic with this post does a better job of expressing a feeling than even the little award pix.

  7. Susan Tuttle says:

    Hey there, this piece is right on! It’s exactly how I’m feeling — after another week of arm and hand pain, and a very rough physical therapy session today. Thanks for this.Hugs,Susan

  8. VioletSky says:

    Love the graphic. This is how I’m usually feeling with Blogger when I try to format.I just ‘saved picture as’ then uploaded it from my documents file.I bet that innocent looking dog had something to do with it. See, he’s reading instructions, and she’s laughing…

  9. geewits says:

    I will spell this in Canadian:If you joust gout a houme coumpueter, you wouldest nout haeve all these phouto proublems.

  10. Jazz says:

    XUP – I’m thinking one more try and then… pfff.Citizen – don’t we allJoce – thank you. I did it a few months back when I acquired the colleague from hell, but it’s still current.Susan – I’m always glad to vent for others.Violetsky – Unfortunately, I keep all the pictures I link in photobucket…Geewits – I do NOT talk like that! And I do have a home computer. I just haven’t gotten around to hooking it up to the internet.

  11. Rachel says:

    wacky canadians. lol. I love saying that. you’ll be seeing more of that as time goes on, I foresee.back on topic: have you noticed how spare and empty my blog is? its a PAIN in the ASS to format all that shit.

  12. Urban Animal says:

    Welcome to my world. It’s been one frustration after the other for the past few months for me.

  13. Omg..photofuckit…LOL LOL LOL…you are so funny!!HUGS!

  14. oh..and you can upload pictures for your sidebar directly from blogger, and skip photobucket. There is a link called PICTURE in your layout thingie..heheheh…

  15. Tai says:

    Thank you, dear Jazz, for my award! I am always so honoured when the people I believe to be bright and funny honour me!I AM here, but a change in the works and I’m trying to get everything ‘tacked down’ before I blog away. You know how it is, you start blogging about something your excited about and suddenly it falls through and then….blergh. So I’m keeping quiet for now, but I really AM still around.Thank you. An award from you means a great deal. 🙂

  16. geewits says:

    Oh come on, you know it was funny.Founy? hee hee

  17. Jazz says:

    Rachel – Yeah, wacky americans just doesn’t have the same ring does it? How about Crazy Canucks?Animal – Your frustration level has got to be wwwaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy higher than mineSuzan – Happy you like the photofuckit, it’s yours to use as you please.Tai – looking forward to having you backGeewits – course it was funny, but I don’t talk like that! :-p

  18. Dorky Dad says:

    I hate Blogger. HATE it. I wish it would die a slow, painful death. (Slow so I can be sure to get my crap off of it first …)

  19. Jazz, you are so funny!! If I could make up an award.. I think you should have the “REAL Entertainment Today” award!!!

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