The thing about summer….

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

It’s been a bitch of a summer so far.

It seems as though the only thing I have time for this summer is working or worrying about all the work to do and cursing the CFH along the way.

My love and my light, Mr. Jazz is having a hard time of it too, with his job driving him insane these days. And above anything I hate to see him unhappy.

It seems like a lot of my friends are having a hard time of it.

The planet is going to hell, the weather has sucked majorly so far.

People are dying left right and centre.

And basically, I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed. And sad. And heavy and dark. And totally off kilter. And it annoys the living hell out of me because I know I have no reason to feel bad about things since I have it really good, and thus I get frustrated which only adds to the whole freaking mess. Aaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh!

So, in an effort to realign my chakras (or whatever the hell that new age mumbo jumbo is) and stave off the urge to bludgeon an innocent passerby (well, maybe no so innocent, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish), here are some things that make me happy…

Big trees:


Glass winged butterflies (yes, they are for real, their wings really are transparent)

Clover. Preferably the four leaf kind, but I’ll settle for three as I never ever in my 47 years found a four leaf clover

The cry of a nighthawk in the dark – though it can sound a little sad too. And yes, I know, I posted this pic yesterday. Deal with it…

The area around Palm Springs, where I haven’t yet been, but soon will with my love.

The Sonora Desert

The ocean

Happy dogs

The open road – it’s infinitely hopeful


  1. Mr. Jazz says:

    I’m with you on all counts.

  2. Jazz says:

    I love you (I can’t believe I’m putting that in a comment, but damn it I do!)Now everybody will think I’m an old softie.

  3. awww…. you two are sweet!! You definitely need to consume some dark, rich chocolate ice cream. It’s a happy mood elevator.I gave it up a month ago, and have been a bitch since.Hugs.your evil,ummm good twin.

  4. xup says:

    Aw, you old softie! It’s the incessant lack of sunshine that’s making us all nuts. We can just about survive the long winter without a lot of sun, but then need to stock up over the summer. So far, we ain’t gettin’ none.

  5. Big Brother says:

    Marshmallow soft…that’s you lil sister, a big softie at heart.

  6. Em says:

    Sorry that your summer hasn’t gone so well thus far. But those are awesome photos and I hope sharing them made you smile.

  7. geewits says:

    I hear you! I always liked that old expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” but it’s hard to make lemonade when all you have to go with your lemons are salt and vinegar.I’ve always found 4-leaf clovers (I guess it’s time to find some more!) and it makes people crazy, because I always say, “They’re easy to find, because they look different.”

  8. Jazz says:

    Suzan – ummmm chocolate ice cream…XUP – yeah, I need to recharge and there’s no recharging going on…she says as she watches the rain fall. Again.BB – don’t rub it in!Em – Yeah, actually it did.Geewits – Easy?!? I’ve spent hours in clover patches looking for them. It never ever works!

  9. That girl says:

    This post just reminded me that in all the years that I’ve looked, I’ve not seen a four leaf clover either.Yeah, I’m totally consumed by that one piece of trivia now…

  10. Urban Animal says:

    Love the pic of the happy dog 🙂 I did notice though, none of cats? Hope you feel better soon. My 2 days of farniente helped me a lot last week when I was feeling like that.

  11. Being an old softie is a good thing.I think it’s always a good idea to list the good things in life when you are feeling “totally off kilter” I feel a little off kilter myself from time to time!

  12. Ian Lidster says:

    All the things you love, I do as well. As for Palm Springs, you’ll love, love, love it. We’re hoping to be back there in January or February.

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Oh, sweetie, we know you’re a softie about Mr. Jazz–that’s part of your appeal. What IS his job, anyhow?I’m so glad you’ll be in Palm Springs soon; we’re heading there, to that general area, for a couple of weeks this upcoming December/January (to see my mom and good friends, including one in Palm Springs). Maybe you can go somewhere and leave me some graffiti, which I can check out in five months!Keep focusing on the small happinesses. That’s how to get through.

  14. I understand where you are coming from.. sometimes we all need a safety zone/ resting zone/ time-out place to refuel!!Hope you love birds have fun on your trip/adventure…Love the photographs!!

  15. Rachel says:

    Beautiful pics. the dog made me smile and the butterfly made me feel awed. It is BEAUTIFUL. Cheer up, you cynical softie. 🙂 Hugs!

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