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Posted: August 5, 2008 in bits and pieces

couldn’t believe it’s not a joke. Apparently it isn’t. There is an organization called The Flat Earth Society. They believe the earth is flat. Truly…

Bringing trolldom to new heights. Mr. Jazz sent me the link to this – long – article in the New York Times magazine. Some people are truly strange.


I just finished a book called “The Dirt on Clean: An Unsanitized History” (by Katherine Ashenburg) which looks at the history of cleanliness from Antiquity to the 21st century. An eye opener to say the least. I highly recommend it. Puts a whole new spin on our obsession with cleanliness and sanitization.


On the way home from the cottage Sunday, I noticed that 95 % of roadkill is always on the side of the highway. Why is that? You’d think they’d be in the middle of the highway, seeing as presumably that’s where they’re killed. Unless people see a cute little animal sitting on the side of the road waiting to cross and sweve to hit it. Not that I’d put that past some people, but I have difficulty believing it’s the norm…


Sometimes I think shows like “What Not to Wear” are fixed. That they use actors to play people who don’t know how to dress. Then I see things like I saw in the subway yesterday. A young woman – can you say portly for a woman? – wearing:

– Gold gladiator sandals
– Lace printed black leggings
– A snake skin print sleeveless, cleavage baring, tight tight top
– A 4 inch wide gold studded belt
– A leopard print bag – with a print of a leopard face on the front (including beaded whiskers) and gold leather and studs.

No, I’ m not making this up! Even I can’t make this up. The What Not to Wear people really need to do an intervention on this girl. It was scary.

  1. Urban Animal says:

    WNTW seriously needs to make a return visit to Canada. I was having quite the visual with that description. I can just imagine what my running partners would say to that outfit! lol

  2. ticknart says:

    I love The Flat Earth Society!I’ve used their arguments to piss of a great deal of people in my time. Especially while I was in college.

  3. furiousBall says:

    i always wear the following when I attend my Flat Earth meetings…- Gold gladiator sandals- Lace printed black leggings- A snake skin print sleeveless, cleavage baring, tight tight top- A 4 inch wide gold studded belt- A leopard print bag – with a print of a leopard face on the front (including beaded whiskers) and gold leather and studs.

  4. Big Brother says:

    Truly strange people out there…the trolls are not only strange, but also disturbing… disturbing as in a kid who pulls wings off of flies…

  5. lol@furiousball!!I live in the country, and I think roadkill is a game to these ignorant southern people. I saw one woman hit a deer, and the next people driving down the road (who saw her hit it too), stopped and put it in their trunk…LOL..I prayed very hard that day that the deer wasn’t dead, and jumped out on them when they opened their trunk! Are you sure the lady in leopard skin wasn’t—1. a hooker2. a religious fanatic3. a manlol…

  6. Rachel says:

    re: roadkill–the speed and angle of the impact throws them to the side of the road. The nose of a typical vehicle is rounded, and an animal is most likely to be struck nearer the corner of the car than in the middle. That, plus the momentum of automobile transfering kinetic energies to the creature, throws it away from the impact. Much like a cueball hitting a billard ball at an angle.and re: fashion disasters: did you ever see that episode of WNTW with the Fairy Wing Girl? She loved to wear WINGS. and bright drapey little-girl dresses. THAT was scary too.

  7. Jazz says:

    UA – Your running partners have style. I don’t have a second’s doubt what they’d say.Tick – I was SURE you’d know about them…Fuball – I hate it when you make me spew tea from my nose!BB – Indeed.Suzan – Re roadkill: Well, at least it wasn’t wasted. Maybe a trannie religious fanatic hooker? If a least that were the case. I really think she just thought she looked good.Rachel – I knew I could count on you to come up with the scientific answer!

  8. geewits says:

    The flat-brained people are very funny to me. I remember when the founder died a few years ago I researched a lot of it. I mean really, it’s very funny. As for the animals, I don’t think they die on impact and naturally want to crawl into a hole to die, but some just can’t make it very far. Maybe that girl from the subway should crawl into a hole….

  9. There’s an association, I forget its name, to promote modesty for animals, mainly pets. They urge members and other believers to carry around a handkerchief with a smallish hole in the center (for the tail) to cover embarrassed and embarrassing pets they may encounter.I thought the movie was joking. My friend Geoffrey thought not. He went right to a corner booth and picked up the phone book. He pointed triumphantly. “Ha! The joke is on you… Joseph.” Crazy-ass New Yorkers.

  10. Susan Tuttle says:

    I think people will do anything for attention — that’s got to be the reason.Susan

  11. Jazz says:

    Geewits – I love how you link your thoughts together! LOLJoe – Modesty for animals? You have got to be kidding.Susan – It’s the only one that makes sense anyway.

  12. Holy Crow!!! I am missing a lot living out here in the boonies!!!

  13. Dorky Dad says:

    And? Are you saying the Earth isn’t flat? What? Huh? You’re not one of those silly round-earth people, are you?(And I read that story on trolls — interesting and scary and, mostly, sad for the entire human race.)

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