Random Thoughts

Posted: September 26, 2008 in bits and pieces

  • True romance is having a man cook for you for over 20 years. That, people, is love. He makes a kick ass chili. Oh my…
  • It’s just a little bizarre when you’re watching TV and a raccoon is chittering in the tree just outside the window. It sounds like he’s commenting on the show. Actually it’s sort of cute.
  • We’ve been watching Sex and the City on DVD and I must say that I think Carrie Bradshaw is probably the most shallow, self-absorbed character I’ve ever seen on TV. Maybe the raccoon thinks so too.
  • This said it’s a highly entertaining show. I just keep waiting for them to fall off their shoes though.
  • And another thing, how can the woman live in a studio apartment in Manhattan, and yet have a closet the size of a whole other apartment. This makes no sense to me.
  • Despite the fact that fall means winter is on our heels, some fall days are the most beautiful days of the year. I love how the light changes in the fall and becomes so crisp and bright.
  • Though I can’ t wait for the day when “that monthly time” (aka the curse – for very good reason) becomes a thing of the past, getting there is hell. I do not deal well with insomnia, especially since I’ve always been a “head hits the pillow, she’s out” type of person.
  • As you can see, I am not one who uses “that time” to celebrate my womanhood. That is such bullshit.
  • Mr. Jazz’s evil margarita would be good about now.
  • I have a week’s vacation next week, that first October week at the cottage. YAY
  • Which will most probably be spent shopping for a stove. A 21st century stove.
  • And figuring out the Mac. I am beginning to make peace with the Mac.
  • Survivor is on again! Yay. Survivor is my “reality” show fix. That and Amazing Race. Probably because the Probst and the Keoghan are pretty damn hot
  • That’s it, my brain is empty, see you in a week
  1. Dumdad says:

    I must be the only person on the planet never to have seen Sex and the City. Oh, and my wife. We lead such a sheltered life.

  2. furiousBall says:

    I think the raccoon was saying that he thought Sarah Jessica’s face looks like a foot.

  3. Urban Animal says:

    I so agree about Carrie Bradshaw, can’t stand her and her neurotic ways. Actually that is when you see Ally McBeal was a pretty hard act to follow lolLooking forward to seeing you soon my friend.

  4. Ian Lidster says:

    My problem with Sex and the City, aside from the fact I find them all to be unappealing libidinous and shallow boneheads, is watching Samantha (Kim C) slutting it around, and I cannot get out of my head what a nice and sweet girl she was at age 15. For heavens sake, you’re older than many grandmothers now, so keep your panties on once in a while and act your age. Good, now I’ve vented that paternal spleen.

  5. VioletSky says:

    I don’t think Carrie had a kitchen, so maybe that was turned into her closet? My only reality show is Amazing Race. Love Autumn best, the light, the air – it all feels somehow so energizing.

  6. Mr. Jazz says:

    One Margarita comin’ up 😉

  7. Jazz says:

    Dumdad – All in all you didn’t miss much.Fuball – Dude your comments slay me. Really. I stalk you all around the net for your comments.UA – Yeah, Ally did neurotic best. As she was asked: Why are your problems so damn important? – Because they’re mine!Ian – Kim was (and no doubt still is) a really nice person. Samantha is just a character. And damn, Ms Cattrall plays her well…Violet – There is a sort of kitchen, one of her boyfriends cooked there once.Mr. Jazz – thank you thank you thank you.

  8. geewits says:

    Have a great vacation! I wish I could join you guys in Toronto. Give Sylvie a great big birthday hug for me.Hey Dumdad, I’ve never seen SITC either. I can’t imagine anything worse than watching women talk to each other about stuff. Gag.Yay! Survivor! My very favorite show! And speaking of favorites I can’t remember when October was not my favorite month.See you next Friday!

  9. Jazz says:

    Geewits – I’ll do the hug thing. I really wish you could be there too. Next time you fly to the great white north you’ll have to make sure its To and Mtl.

  10. xup says:

    Okay, when you guys all get together, let me know. And, Jazz, all the best on getting through this transformation from womanly woman to smokin hot free, free, free woman

  11. “October at the cottage…” sigh. I need a cottage to go to in October.Looks like Fang (pronounced, for some reason, fong) put together a weaker team from the get go. Speaking of uphill climbs, the scuttlebutt is that Marcus’ penis popped out of his shorts in the last challenge. Was it a wardrobe malfunction?

  12. That girl says:

    Dumdad, I’m with you – never ever saw the show… although after what this post said, it’s probably worth a movie rental 🙂

  13. Jocelyn says:

    There’s a weird attraction to SEX IN THE CITY, for sure. It’s about accepting the terms of the show and characters and realizing they’re somehow real, despite themselves.Have a GREAT week, full of chili and margueritas.

  14. Jazz says:

    XUP – I will let you know…Joe – Come on up… And as for Fang – one word: the Loser team. OK that’s 3 words.TG – The movie apparently sucks from what I was told yesterday. Seems it’s basically a “you’re nostalgic for the show so you’ll be willing to pay big bucks to see it again…” movie.Joce – yeah it’s weird. Much as Carrie Bradshaw annoys me, i loved the show…

  15. Rachel says:

    ha! Sex in the City is an interesting example of how horrible people can be interesting stories. I too was sucked into that little universe, even though I found the characters annoying and shallow on so many different levels. While I enjoyed watching as I was watching, once I finished an episode, and ultimately the entire series, I felt as if I wasted my time watching it–and felt also some vauge distaste for it, every time, as if I wished I did not see what I had just seen. Not a show that bears repeated viewings!

  16. paula says:

    I got into SITC when ABC began airing their ‘sanitized’ version. Grew to enjoy it for some reason, though I go blank when I think why. Maybe because at least the writing and character development was better than many shows out there. And Carrie, sorry, but I liked her, for the most part. She certainly did some stupid stuff and was shallow in some respects (Still PO’d that she ditched Ian and eventually ended up with Big. I never saw what the attraction was there, really.), but they were all flawed characters. My take but can certainly see what you guys are saying.And me too. Wish I had a cottage, fireplace, etc. Hope the snow isn’t going to overwelm us all here like it did last year, eh?

  17. Susan Tuttle says:

    Very entertaining random, deep thoughts. I too was a sucker for sex and the city — I watched all of the episodes last year so have had my fill.Susanxo

  18. Hagelrat says:

    never got into sex & the city, loved ally mcbeal and mark has cooked for me all of twice, but yes true romance is the little things they still do for you after all that time.

  19. My ex was a very good cook and we split cooking duty. Now I’m with someone who can’t cook AT ALL. But he makes up for it by taking me out to dinner a lot at nice places, so I’m not complaining.And Dumdad and his wife aren’t the only people on the planet who haven’t seen Sex in the City – I haven’t either.

  20. Jazz says:

    Rachel – I won’t be watching it again either for sure.Paula – Come discuss the show at the cottage… There’s a guest room, and we’ll make a fire. I had no idea there had been a “sanitized” version of the show…Susan – So you’re a year ahead of me! Tell me what I’ll be doing in a year…Hagelrat – Yep, it’s the little things.Citizen – So three people have never seen Sex. I’ll even bet there’s another one of you out there somewhere.

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