On the political front…

Posted: October 31, 2008 in Uncategorized

This could be correspondence, but it’s too damn stupid for me to get into my correspondence groove.

The Quebec government has decided to end the immigration problems in Quebec. Immigrants will have to sign a “contract” promising to respect our values, i.e. learning French, equality between men and women, the fact that religion and the state are completely separate etc. or they won’t be allowed into Quebec. (You can read about it here if you are so inclined)

Of course opinion is divided. Some say it doesn’t go far enough. Some say it goes way to far.

I say it’s probably the most stupid thing they’ve come up with in a long time. Because we have an election coming up. And they want to gain the vote of people who are afraid of immigration – ’cause we all know everything will go to hell if too many of the big, bad OTHERS!!! are allowed in.

Of course this is a “moral” contact and is in no way legally binding.

So people will sign. Basically you can compare it to a messenger waybill. You sign for the package and do whatever he hell you want with it afterward.

What exactly is the point of all this? Morons. All of them. And now they want my vote…

For this I pay taxes. For this I give them half my hard earned money.

It’s a good thing ridicule isn’t a deadly disease. Because, damn, there’d be a helluva lot of dead politicians littering the province.

  1. Let’s just pack up and go to Scotland and live..or Australia..Pack up our stuff, our men, our pets, and MOVE.Why are you blogging at 5 am in the morning??LOL LOL

  2. Jazz says:

    Suz – Two words – Blogger Scheduling.

  3. Hagelrat says:

    poloticians are all full of shit. Fancy taking over the world and starting our own policies, like friday is fab hat day, or brides to be get free wine for the few weeks before the weding so they don’t sober up and freak out about how much is left to do. Nope i’m not obsessed, or tipsy. Going away now. hugs.

  4. xup says:

    I think we should all move to France where at least it’s warm and the food is good and the wine is plentiful, so if the politicians do silly things we won’t care

  5. Big Brother says:

    Good thing “que le ridicule ne tue pas” because there would be a hell of a lot of dead politicians. ;0)

  6. Sorry, I’m far to preoccupied with my country’s future hangng in the balance to have a serous opinion here. And, at any rate, I don’t even know what a waybill is.

  7. geewits says:

    So if I had to learn French would I get free butter to put on all my food? I’d go for that.

  8. Jocelyn says:

    How dare they?That’s my first reaction.Second reaction?Where do I sign?

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