632,000,000th blog post on the US election

Posted: November 5, 2008 in politics

Probably more. Everything has no doubt been said.

Halleluia and congratulations to the USA!

And I just want to add my heartfelt thanks to Sarah Palin for all the effort she put into helping this happen.

Thank you Sarah from the bottom of my heart.

  1. Guillaume says:

    Yeah, Palin did work hard to get Obama elected. Of all the fears this election brought me, the possibility of her becoming president was by far the scariest.

  2. Ha ha. I guess she really did help. Hadn’t thougt of it that way. God, I’m so glad Obama won!

  3. furiousBall says:

    thank god. dear world, we’re back 🙂

  4. Now she can lead what’s left of the republican party on to the complete marginalization it so richly deserves.Oh, and halleluia! I’m a ‘librul’ I’m so excited this morning I almost spilled my latte! ,oD

  5. Jazz says:

    Guillaume – Oh yeah, that was a really scary thought. I figured the first thing she would do if she got into the white house was bomb Montreal because of the prank the guys from CKOI pulled on her.Citizen – you and me both!Mr. Jazz – and now she can rock all the way back to Alaska and polish her foreign relations some more by looking at Russia.Fuball – Finally finally finally they’re gone!Joe – Oh yeah!

  6. Big Brother says:

    Yes and she said that she’d be back for the next election… ;o)

  7. Ian Lidster says:

    A perfect sentiment.

  8. Susan Tuttle says:

    I am over the moon today and so very proud of my country! I have not felt this way in a long time.Susanxo

  9. Urban Animal says:

    Watch for her in 2012 lol who knows, maybe she’ll even team up with Hillary! She was quite something. I can just imagine the meeting between her and McCain this morning 🙂

  10. xup says:

    Yes, between her and GWB, Obama didn’t even need to campaign

  11. geewits says:

    hee hee hee and YAY!

  12. Rachel says:

    Im so glad I wond be seeing any more of palin for at least another 2 years. Hopefully 4. Preferably 8 and never.

  13. You express my feelings exactly, my dear… A Scary girl… she was!!! suppose she even knew she was hammering the final nail in her own coffin…

  14. Em says:

    Should we send her a “thank you” note? Nah…let’s just celebrate the victory!

  15. Jazz says:

    BB – Now that’s a scary thought!Ian – Thank youSusan – I’m thrilled with you guys too!UA – I don’t want to think of her for a long long time.XUP – Nice of them to help isn’t it?Geewits – DittoRachel – I’m crossing my fingers for never.Gwen – I doubt we’ve seen the last of her unfortunately. Like a zombie she will rise again.Em – I’m pulling out the bubbly.

  16. She couldn’t have done a better job – she didn’t even know Africa is a continent (apparently)…!She has her future as a comedien mapped out for her..:)

  17. Jocelyn says:

    “The Cobert Report” on Comedy Central had a guest who pointed out that it was the decision-making and policies of George W Bush that made the U.S. so ripe to pick Obama. Had Bush not been what he has, Obama might not have won. We might not have been so desperate for, yes, change.So thanks, Georgie.

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