Of birds and feeding frenzies

Posted: January 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Late Sunday morning at the cottage. Time to top up the feeders for the week. Not that that will help, cause by this time Tuesday, there will be no seed to be found. To eat like a bird is to eat non stop until there is nothing left. And share with whatever squirrel decides it’s his god given right to eat that seed.

I top the feeders. Stand back and let them come. Because right now is their time. I interrupted the frenzy to add to the manna. I love the sounds. The flutter of their wings. The screeching of the Jays, the twittering of the Siskins and Redpolls – who for some reason this year are sticking together. Something I’ve never seen, those two living together. Will we have Sispolls this spring?

A Downy Woodpecker and Blue Jay attack the suet block

And the Pine Grosbeaks just sit there and look lovely.

I can’t help but feel bad that I won’t be there until next Friday night to feed them. And I can’t help but wonder that such tiny creatures, often not weighing more than a few ounces can actually survive this weather. Nights at 30 below that would kill us in short order seem to be nothing to them.

As a parting shot, take a really bad, out of focus picture of a Pine Siskin, fiddle with it a bit and voilà, the belligerent bird out of hell.

  1. lime says:

    wow! that is some impressive bird photography! thanks for sharing those shots. amazing how such a wee thing can endure such harsh conditions too.

  2. geewits says:

    I’m glad you finally started using your camera. Nice pics. I hate bluejays because they harass all the other birds. In the spring and summer I turn the hose on them to try to keep them out of my yard. They always chase the cardinals and I LOVE cardinals.

  3. Guillaume says:

    You got blue jays and Grosbeaks? Cool!

  4. They all look so fluffy! I’ve never quite understood the phrase, “so-and-so eats like a bird”… the only birds I’ve seen eat ravenously, greedily, and savagely. Great photographs!

  5. XUP says:

    These are pretty good! And ya, I always wondered why birds stick around when it’s so cold. They can fly! They could go anywhere. Sheesh.

  6. Those are great – I’m rtying to get some shots of the birds on the feeders. Those woodpeckers can move!

  7. Big Brother says:

    I don’t know why you’re surprised lil sister, after all, birds are descended from dinosaurs… same family as the Veloceraptors of Jurassic park fame…;o)

  8. Hannah says:

    Wow! Beautiful shots! Oh and thank you for reminding me to re-fill my bird feeders. 🙂

  9. Ian Lidster says:

    St. Francis would be proud of you.

  10. Poutalicious says:

    My fave is the first pic of the Pine Grosbeak. The birdie outta hell made me chuckle 🙂

  11. Jocelyn says:

    Wow. You made art on that last one!I luvs me some birdies.Especially deep fried.

  12. Mr. Jazz says:

    Birdy num-num…

  13. Dorky Dad says:

    So when I say to my wife that she eats like a bird, I’m in fact saying that she’s a total pig. Oops. (Note to self: Don’t let wife see this blog post.)Fantastic pictures, by the way.

  14. That girl says:

    These are great pics, you have quite a few visitors there….Doesn’t that look spring-time?

  15. VioletSky says:

    Perhaps if we had feathers….winter wouldn’t seem so awful?

  16. Jill says:

    You took all those pictures? Wow, I’m impressed.

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