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Posted: February 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

What constitutes a perfect start to the day?

Being sure it’s Thursday and once you’re at work, seeing the date on the phone and realizing that nope…..


  1. Mr. Jazz says:

    For me, the perfect start to the day is waking up next to you.”Brought to you by Hallmark”

  2. furiousBall says:

    amen, i need intensive weekend therapy

  3. VioletSky says:

    I wish I didn’t have to work weekends so I could enjoy that TGIF feeling. Sigh.Oh wait, I don’t have to work today (and you do).I’m going for a walk in the sunshine and melting snow.

  4. geewits says:

    I love when that happens! Last weekend, I woke up and thought it was Monday and then realized it was Sunday. That was pretty cool, too.

  5. Jeaux says:

    It’s Friday, suckers! Nyah nyah. All bets are off!

  6. choochoo says:

    FRIDAY! *happydance*Or..wait…it’s saturday now *happier-dance*

  7. XUP says:

    Aw, that Mr. Jazz is a peach. If he wasn’t already married, you should marry him because he seems to be besotted with you. And what the hell is wrong with you not knowing it’s Friday? I never forget it’s Friday. I dream it’s Friday every Thursday night.

  8. Poutalicious says:

    Oh yea, I’m there.

  9. raino says:

    i can’t remember the last time that i have looked so forward to the weekend coming as i did this week! it was a long one. happy friday!http://momofboxer.blogspot.com/2009/02/if-ever-there-was-someone-to-keep-me-at.html

  10. Rachel says:

    i cant wait to have a good friday again.sorry I dont want to whine, but thats all i can think of to say thats relevant to the post.um…ill comment on the previous one now…

  11. Jazz says:

    Mr. Jazz – Aw, yer so cute!Fuball – and I hope you get it.Dumdad – Indeed… though it’s Sunday now.VS – Yeah, and it was a hellish FridayGeewits – same concept. I love when that happens.Jeaux – Were there bets?!Choochoo – And it’s sunday now, much less happy dancing.XUP – Ain’t he just the cutest thang? As for not knowing it’s friday – ’twas no doubt a brain fart.Pouty – You and me bothRaino – I LOVE that song!!! thank you for posting that link. It’s a great discovery.Rachel – You are totally entitled to whine. Really. You can whine at me all you want.

  12. Last week I had this perfect experience – I had Friday off for a doctor’s appointment (Okay, that part wasn’t perfect) and went Thursday out to a basketball game with the boyfriend. The conversation the next morning:Him: “I’ll be done about 5 and then come over.” Me: “Why are you working so late on a Saturday?”Him: “Because it’s Friday.”Me: “Yay!”

  13. Voyager says:

    Unfortunately, I am reading this on Monday. And Mondays suck.V.

  14. Now I’m seriously confused. It’s Tuesday here…Isn’t it? !!!!!!

  15. Suldog says:

    Good to hear from you over at my place. By all means, when you want to have your head ripped off, give me an award 🙂

  16. Susan Tuttle says:

    Now that is happy, happy!XO

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