How can you not love a man…

Posted: February 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

who signs his email:

  • m’Amused – When telling me about a joke he heard
  • m’Hoping – When I say “Yay for no snow”, thus no shoveling when we arrive at the cottage
  • m’Bzzzzz – When he sends me a pic of a real cool bug
  • m’@ – When giving me the link to a website
  • m’Abc-1-2-3-a-b-c-1-2-3 baby you & me ♪♪♪ – When we’re talking about LOST on ABC

(yes, Mr. Jazz’s name starts with M).


Today is my lovely Mr. Jazz’s birthday and I wanted to pay tribute to him here. I am ever thankful because:

  • He makes me laugh
  • He bucks me up when I’m down
  • He feeds me
  • He indulges my passion for books, and is ever on the lookout for things that would interest me
  • He loves me despite my many faults
  • He makes me Margaritas and Cosmos
  • He introduced me to all sorts of music I never knew existed – some of which, I admit I could live without the knowledge of
  • He sees to it that we have a social life, otherwise I’d be a hermit
  • He has hauled me halfway around the world, which though I always dreamed of traveling, I’m not sure I would have done much of without him
  • He’s got the prettiest blue eyes

We’ve been together almost 22 years and every day is fun. Every day might not be a beach, and sometimes he annoys the hell out of me – as I do him. But still, every day is fun. I still look forward to getting home at the end of the day to be with him. To have him wrap his arms around me and help me shake off the shitstorm of the day. He fills me up so I can face another day.

He makes it somehow all seem worthwhile.

And I love him more than anything.

Happy Birthday Mr. J.

One of my favourite pics of us ever. Taken by BB at Namche Bazaar in the mountains of Nepal. We were sitting on a huge rock facing Sagarmatha (aka Mount Everest).

  1. Guillaume says:

    Happy Birthday to your husband. I hope he enjoys it.

  2. Dumdad says:

    Bon anniversaire Monsieur Jazz!

  3. Jeaux says:

    m’happy birthday Mr. Jazz… and you too, Jazz chick, because today is the birthday of your love.

  4. VioletSky says:

    Happy Birthday, dear one with the prettiest blue eyes!

  5. Poutalicious says:

    Please tell Mr. Jazz happy birthday from me! I love this post and there are two I can relate to on the list especially – the “he feeds me” since I am known to be the worst cook in the world, he has taken over the job of making sure we all get home cooked meals and the one about introducing you to new music – I never heard of Andrea Bocelli until I met my S.O. and now I have a dozen of his CDs and listen to him almost every day. Great post. Loved it.

  6. lime says:

    happy birthday mr. jazz! hope it’s wonderful. 🙂

  7. Rachel says:

    A tearjerker!Happy birthday to Mr. And congrats to YOU. He sounds like an awesome man.

  8. Susan Tuttle says:

    happy birthday to mr j! cute pic of you 2.xo

  9. Big Brother says:

    Happy B’day bro-in-law we’re all lucky to have you in the family…:o)Lil’ sister what a sweet tribute, but well deserved by the recipient… that picture is surely my favorite of you two, it brings back many good memories of sharing a thermos of tea in the Himalayas after a day’s trekking. ;o)

  10. pinklea says:

    Lovely post, Jazz. You obviously chose well – and so did he! Happy birthday Mr J!

  11. Ian Lidster says:

    Happy Birthday to Mr. Jazz and your testament to his existence in your life is genuinely touching. You are a lucky girl to have him and he is a lucky boy to have you. Sometimes life can work out wonderfully well.And he beat me by a mere one day in the birthday department.

  12. Jill says:

    What a perfect place to kiss. Happy Birthday Mr. Jazz!

  13. geewits says:

    Nice. Happy Birthday Mr. Jazz. Having met you both, I can vouch for most of this! You guys are a sweet happy couple and I love that. Have a great Birthday Weekend.

  14. Hagelrat says:

    happy birthday Mr Jazz and how cute are you two!!!

  15. XUP says:

    Aw… cool. Happy Birthday Mr. Jazz. He DOES sound like a real treasure (and I don’t say stuff like that lightly about husbands). Here’s to many many more years of fun and adventure for both of you.

  16. Plus he has hair so spiky it can support a tiny little birthday hat!Happy Birthday to him! (And we already knew his name started with an “M” – Mr. Jazz.)

  17. Mr. Jazz says:

    Thank you my love & thanks to all of you for your kind wishes! We had a great weekend indeed 😉

  18. Gaelyn says:

    What an amusing man to share love with. How lucky you both are.Happy Birthday to M

  19. Jocelyn says:

    Well, I’ve never seen evidence on this blog that either of you ever annoys the other.How about a future post about how you guys met?LOVE the photo.

  20. Beautiful post – fantastic tribute to someone who obviously cherishes you very much..!I could relate to so much of what you had to say…Before I go, I wanted to share this anonymous quote a friend sent me:”Men are like wine: some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age”Happy Birthday M..!!!!

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