And Award Season Rolls Around Again…

Posted: February 26, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well hell! I got an award. Ian gave me an award. Now why he gave this to me is a total mystery, the award being for blogs (check this quote) which show great attitude and/or gratitude! Now as far as I know I’m not big on the grateful and my attitude sorta sucks, so if I’m the best poor dear Ian can do, he’s obviously more of a curmudgeon than I am. However, I do humbly thank him for making my blog post today an easy one.

I’m supposed to give this to at least 10 blogs with great attitude or gratitude (gratitude for what, I have no clue – fingers to type with?). Of course, this means that within the next few months, everyone in the blogosphere will have this award – if I can get it anyone can – the number of awards increasing tenfold every time someone gives it out.

Aren’t awards supposed to be special? Unique? Obviously not blog awards… The Oscars they ain’t.

But if dems da rools dems da rools. They’re down there if you want to have a gander. Of course, I can’t help but wonder what the writer of da rools was drinking or smoking when he/she/it wrote them cause:

2. Nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this post.

Isn’t that all sorta redundant?

And so. I’ve decided anyone who thinks they have a great attitude or are terribly grateful about something – it’s yours. Take it, run with it, give it to 70 peeps if you want.

Except for one person. Suldog. I’m going out of my way to give it to Suldog because, traditionally, every time someone gives him an award, he tears them to tiny bits cause he’s a badass dude who don’t take no shit from no one. I’m sure some well meaning folks were crushed by his “acceptance speeeches”, but damn, they’re a riot, and if I can give him an easy blog, I’m all for it. I aim to please. The first time I saw what he did with awards, I swore I’d pass it on the next time I got one. And this one just seems so damn fitting.

‘Cause the man? he’s got attitude to spare – though no doubt not the type that was to be the object of this award. And I can’t wait to see what he’ll come up with.

Rules for the award:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this post.

  1. Suldog says:

    Oh, lady, you are just asking for it, aren't you? OK. You'll get it."badass dude"? Me? I am the very epitome of grace, style, and Klass. Except when I get an award, as you noted. And which you'll live to regret.BWAH-HA-HA-HA!(Next week, probably. Love & kisses 'til then!)

  2. Jazz says:

    Suldog – Oh yeah! Give it to me!!!!

  3. choochoo says:

    I was going to say something brilliant, but then I saw something shiny and got distracted… congrats on your award.

  4. Jocelyn says:

    If there’s one thing I know for sure about you, it’s that you have attitude.Award-worthy attitude.

  5. furiousBall says:

    i’ve always wondered if someone made up a “you suck so damn bad, jerkface” award and you awarded it to a bunch of people, how many would just post their new shiney badge of crap on their sidebar.

  6. Jazz says:

    Choo – Yer such a magpie.Joce – But is it the right attitude?Fuball – Bwah! Next award goes to both Suldog and YOU!

  7. pfffft! You award people. Just, pffft!

  8. Jazz says:

    CPJ – Awwww, I’ll pass on the next one. Something along the “nice matters” line of awards… :-p

  9. VioletSky says:

    This says “shows attitude and/or gratitude”. You’ve got attitude, young lady!Well done.

  10. XUP says:

    Well, you certainly have flippant and cynical attitude toward blog award thingies and most other things, so you should be grateful for that I guess –it kind of makes your blog!

  11. geewits says:

    hee hee. When Ian put us both on the list, I was going to leave a reply to him saying something like, “Well this award can’t mean much if you gave it to Jazz, too” but I was afraid his readers may not know us and just think I was being an asshole.And by the way, I’m surprised you did the whole passing on thing. I don’t know why I can’t. I guess from growing up in the chain letter era or something. Or maybe I’m just secretly ornery.

  12. Attitude will carry you when gratitude falters. So that’s cool.

  13. Attitude will carry you when gratitude falters. So that’s cool.

  14. Jazz says:

    VS – Why thank you kindly.Geewits – You’re just secretly ornery. Yup.Citizen – And it rhymes.

  15. Ian Lidster says:

    Darling, you practically invented attitude. And the gratitude is that I discovered you and you make my life just a teeny bit more complete. I think you’re great, funny and terribly smart. There, I think that’s almost sucky enough.

  16. Jazz says:

    Ian – I wish I had invented attitude, I think my mom did, actually. Almost sucky enough? If you lay it on any thicker luv, I won’t believe you. Coming from Mr. Attitude himself, this is high praise indeed.

  17. Susan Tuttle says:

    congrats — and a very nice comment from your dh.xo

  18. Jazz says:

    Susan – Ian isn’t my DH, he’s just a dear blog friend. DH is Mr. Jazz, who comments here now and then. But yeah, I think I’ll elevate Ian to the status of Cyber DH. Yeah. I like that.

  19. Rachel says:

    ha! that suldog is funny. thanks for the happy arrow!

  20. Suldog says:

    Jazz: Just a quick note. I’m planning on doing an “awards” piece on Monday. In other words, you have the weekend to enjoy yourself before you get ripped into flinders and ashes 🙂

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