Welcome to My Neighborhood – Part I

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Uncategorized

OK, well, so it’s been a while. Way longer than usual.

Did I go on vacation? Nope.

Was I busy leading a fabulous life? Nope.

Basically, I had nuttin’ for you so I just shut the hell up. Seems like the best solution in such cases.

I did, however, do a walkabout on July 1 (Happy birthday Canada – said in an annoyingly peppy and enthusiastic voice). So yeah, I have all these pics of my neighbourhood (sans Mr. Rogers, but there you go). Twas the last day of good weather, which, I think is highly annoying; if I wanted west coast weather, I’d move to Vancouver fer chrisssake.

Anyhoo, let me walk you around my ‘hood. Let’s head north up my street in Outremont.

To the park:

A typical house in my neighbourhood (and no, they don’t all lean over that way, I simply can’t take a picture straight):

And then the next park along the route:

The building is on an “island” with a foot deep moat around the whole thing. On Sunday nights in the summertime people get together there to dance the Tango…

And on to Bernard street. Lots of restaurants/bars here, and the Outremont Theatre, a lovely building, the inside is beautiful, art deco (I’ll try to get some pics of the inside sometime)

How cool is this carving over one of the Outremont’s doors? I had never even noticed it before – amazing how you can walk past these beautiful buildings and never even realize how stunning they are.

Now, let’s tear ourselves away from the Outremont and keep west along Bernard to the Bilboquet. Obviously they serve ice cream. Their own. It is the best damn ice cream in Montreal as far as I’m concerned…

Now that we’ve had our ice cream fix, let’s turn east again and walk to Park. Along the way, we’ll pass one of Montreal’s few remaining independent bookstores:

And look! A Bixi rack! They’re all over the place now. And here I have to admit I was wrong about the things. They’re a huge hit, people love them. It seems it was a great call to start this. Although now there’s a whole controversy (this is Montreal after all, you gotta get all het up about something!) because you don’t get a bicycle helmet with your Bixi. The logistics of that one boggle the mind, but there you go.

One more thing before we get to Park Avenue, Cheskie’s. A jewish bakery with the best potato knishes evah! And their cherry turnovers? Divine!

Now we’re at Park so next time we’ll wander around there for a bit and go east into my favourite area: the Mile End.

  1. Suldog says:

    "Basically, I had nuttin' for you so I just shut the hell up."Wait a minute. We can do that? Damn. In that case, I retract half of everything I've ever written.

  2. Bandobras says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the things our society seems to think are necessary. I've been a cyclist now for 51 years and though I usually wear a helmet in the last 20 or so years I never hit my head before or since. Unless you are racing cycling is pretty safe and no helmet is required. I would have saved a lot of pain if I'd had knee and elbow pads though so maybe we should make those a requirement.

  3. Rachel says:

    I've BEEN THERE! ZOMG!Both those parks, especiall the big one: its beautiful. And I think I've even walked down your street. Montreal has the most beautiful neighborhoods of any city I've been to.WHAA–I miss montreal and I need to visit! In the meantime, more pics please!

  4. VioletSky says:

    What a nice walk… erm, where's the cafe?

  5. Jazz says:

    Sully – Ya but, my nuttin' and your nuttin' are not the same nuttin'. My nuttin' is a whiney "I got nuttin' to say" nuttin'. Yours is ever so much more creative.Bandobras – Yeah well, we'd have to spend all our time wrapped in multiple layers of bubble wrap to keep people happy. Actually, it was a doctor complaining this time, and obviously now everyone is running with it.Rachel – Come to Montreal, come back! you can ride a Bixi!!! I probably took about 100 pics that day, more are definitely coming, after all, I still have to make it home.Violetsky – the café will come… I took a pic of one on Park that's a classic…

  6. Mr. Jazz says:

    Hey I know that 'hood….

  7. Jeaux says:

    I can tell by the awning that Bilboquet has good ice cream. Do they have pineapple/vanilla?Nice outing. Funny, with a camera in tow you see things differently. When I'm looking for shots, I'm looking around. Otherwise I'm staring at the sidewalk and reviewing my thoughts.

  8. Gaelyn says:

    I guess I have a hell of time just shutting up. Been that way all my talking life.I like your town tour, having never been there. It's fun and interesting to actually see where bloggers shop and walk and, whatever. Looks like a friendly area. Look forward to more.

  9. Guillaume says:

    Ah! Good old Montreal! I miss it so much.

  10. mrwriteon says:

    I very much like the look and feel of your 'hood and could easily live in such a place. Course, it would help if I brushed up a tad on francophone skills. I found how lacking they were when I was in France in '06. Now, it's nice to be able to place you in a setting. It becomes you.

  11. XUP says:

    I think you could do a whole blog (nevermind just a post) on all the great cafes and restaurants and bakeries in Montreal

  12. Big Brother says:

    Hey lil sister, I was going to do that with the west island… not fast enough I guess. ;o)

  13. Jazz says:

    Mr. Jazz – I would hope so, seeing as you were with me. I'd worry about your sanity if you didn't.Jeaux – That's true. I actually see things when I have the camera.Gaelyn – It is a friendly area.Guillaume – There's more to come… I knew you'd get a kick out of this series.Ian – You'll have to show us your neighbourhood some day.XUP – And no doubt I'd become obese from sampling the wares in order to, you know, do it right!BB – Whatcha waiting for? Between the two of us we can probably cover most of the interesting things in on the Island. Get to it!

  14. geewits says:

    I was going to say what Jeaux said about seeing with a new eye when you have a camera in hand. This was a nice tour and now what about the ones from your trip back home. Huh? What about those?

  15. Jazz says:

    Geewits – I'll have to dig those out, but I have tons from this walk, so you'll have to bear with me.. Besides, when I downloaded them to the computer, I noticed it was mostly pics of my sister's flowers… Go figure

  16. Jocelyn says:

    Can't comment now: too busy packingn bags to come move in with you.I'll bring my wallet and treat for some of that ice cream. (oh, and btw: I, too, am a fan of not posting if there's nothing to post…not that that's ever stopped me, of course)

  17. paula says:

    Swell tour of your hood! You have some cool shops, cafes, groceries and parks nearby. Who needs the water?And Big Brother, I'd like to see your take on the West Island, Go for it!PS…a Bilboquet opend July 1 in The PC Village. All of 30 seconds from my door. Oh my…

  18. Jazz says:

    Jocelyn – I'm still waiting for you to show up!Paula – Oh my, your life will never be the same. The Cacaophonie flavour… mmmmmmmmmmm.

  19. Warty Mammal says:

    Cool. To you, it's home. To me, it's unbearably exotic. After seeing those photos, I'm ready to hop on a plane just so I can see a Bixi rack in person!

  20. paula says:

    What exactly is the "Cacaophonie" flavor? I'm not coming up with a translation (or explanation) on the web. I'm assuming it's a name they came up with. Of course, I could just walk over there and ask…and maybe sample. Mmmm : )

  21. Jazz says:

    If I remember correctly, it's chocolate with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts… or something to that effect.

  22. Pouty Lips says:

    I'm surprised the Bixi's are a hit. I thought they were going to bomb. Who knew?

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