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Posted: July 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

So, it seems Yahoo! and Microsoft have ironed out their differences and are launching an attack on Google with the all new BING – which will eventually replace Yahoo’s search engine.


How stupid a name is that? Of course, I suppose Google sounded bizarre at first.

Will they outclass Google? Who knows. For the moment though, as a friend of mine pointed out (Hi Michelle!) the name lends itself to a great acronym:



  1. Guillaume says:

    Somehow I don't think they can beat google.

  2. pinklea says:

    "But It's Not Google" – that's hilarious! And also very true. Remember when there were lots and lots of search engines to choose from? Remember when Google was just a baby amongst them all? Remember when Google grew up and ate all the other search engines? Scary stuff … could it happen again?!

  3. Rachel says:

    Bing?Thats the sound I make whenever I do the "Worlds Smallest Violin's String Snaps" non-sympathy trick.Also, must have been a new intern that brewed the coffee for THAT Creative Brainstorm meeting in Lightbulb Inc. Headquarters.

  4. Gaelyn says:

    I'm always a little leary about these "new and improved" puter things. Have enough trouble with Windows automatically updating things that screw up. Guess I'll watch this one for a while. Love your definition of the acronym.

  5. XUP says:

    Out googling Google will probably be as successful as beating Microsoft at anything (PS: Google is my best friend)

  6. Mr. Jazz says:

    You Google BING and it's the 1st thing that comes up. You'd think they'd make it a bit harder to get to their competition.

  7. VioletSky says:

    was this cherry picked?

  8. pierre l says:

    I haven't done any research, but that could well be exactly why it's called BING and not Bing or even Bang. After all, the free software that the Linux operating system is based on is called "GNU"; that stands for "Gnu Not Unix".

  9. geewits says:

    It'll probably catch on just like New Coke did. Besides, "Bing Earth" ain't got that ring. If I was going to name a search engine, I'd go with "Whatitis" or "Whatisit."

  10. lime says:

    LOL. it makes me thing of cherries, mr. crosby, and chandler of friends.

  11. Jocelyn says:

    Stop teaching me stuff (*wrote the woman for whom this was the first she'd heard of this BING*).I love the breakdown of the acronym!

  12. choochoo says:

    I read somewhere that google is taking over the world. Just sayin'

  13. Maddy says:

    I listened to the whole [well most of it] debate on NPR yesterday morning as I was throwing clay around the garage. A lot of it was pretty technical stuff for some with a very small technical brain cell but I have noticed that people are visiting my blog via bing so it was quite a useful explanation……even though I don't think I really understand the 'why'!Cheers

  14. I have only tried it once, but it gave me results entirely unrelated to what I was looking for. I was unimpressed.

  15. Pouty Lips says:

    It makes me think of the Metropolitan opera. What were they thinking? They should have called it something cool like orb. I need to 'orb' that. Ok, orb that. As opposed to I need to 'bing' that. It sounds like you want to mount it. They didn't ask me apparently.

  16. Maddy says:

    Hmmm no update. Could it be that you are enjoying holiday time!Cheers

  17. Suldog says:

    I'm old enough so the only thing I think of when I hear 'Bing' is Mr. Crosby.

  18. Jeaux says:

    I don't trust either one. Google is nosey, and Microsoft is… well, Microsoft. I search with Ixquick. They don't log your IP address or follow you around leaving a cookie trail.

  19. That's VERY clever. And I liked Suldog's comment, too….!

  20. Brian Miller says:

    bing! we have a winner. nice acronym.

  21. Kay says:

    haha…well, what is life without competition? BING!

  22. mrwriteon says:

    The acronym, as Mr. Burns would say: "Excellent."

  23. Willow says:

    perfect acronym!

  24. Jocelyn says:

    Dearie, here to say that when we drink wine together, we can get tipsy and argue over who gets Alan Rickman.

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