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Posted: September 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

My buddy and fellow blogger Ian left an interesting comment on my last post:

“Here’s an idea. We should ask fellow bloggers who wouldn’t object to sharing, how they met their significant other and what was it that turned them on, aside from anything obvious. What think you?”

I think it’s a splendid idea, so, here’s the thing.

We’d love to hear your stories (I mean, c’mon people, who doesn’t that type of story?). So post your story, leave a comment here that you did and I’ll do another post with all the links.

And just to get things started….

You know all about the meeting of… uhem… minds, now let me tell you what else turned me on about the boy – and still does over 20 years later.

  • He’s funny. He has me laughing all the time. If you can’t sit around laughing with your spouse, what’s the point, eh?
  • Those blue eyes…
  • His intelligence – he’s wicked smart my boy is and that is a helluva turn-on. Eye candy is all well and nice, but when there’s nothing to talk about it gets stale real fast.
  • The fact that he gives me space to be. When I was with the Ex (insert ominous drumroll again), I’d come to a party and people would ask, “How’s Ex?” With Mr. Jazz, I’d go to the “same” party with the same people and be asked, “Hi Jazz, how are you!” . It was terribly bizarre at first. He never did anything per se, but the dynamics just totally shifted. And because of that I came out of my shell. The first time I was told, “wow, you’re so funny!” I was flabbergasted. I had become a person and not an appendage. It was extremely liberating. And turn on-ing.
  • The fact that all these years later I’m still discovering stuff about him. He’s still a mystery. In a good way, not in a “witholding asshole” way. I love how there’s always something more. I’d be bored out of my skull if I thought I knew him so well there was nothing new to discover.

I could, if I dug deep into my tired little brain, find numerous other things to add to the list, but now, OVER TO YOU!

Please play.

  1. Isn't wonderful when you love the one you're with?!!Tell him I said he is one lucky man.

  2. Mr. Jazz says:

    I'm very lucky indeed.

  3. I'm going to pass for now. 🙂

  4. Standing in the middle of the gymnasium floor, a mutual friend introduces me to a girl from Texas (a novelty in Southern California). "What do you have there?", he asks. "Waah, theez are maah tennis shoooz", she replies in that drawn out Southern slang. I was smitten on the spot – forever. I remain so 35 years later.EFH

  5. mrwriteon says:

    Beautifully done and I'll get on mine right away. And, I agree with Mr. Jazz; he is indeed very lucky.

  6. Gaelyn says:

    So great to be liberated from a past life that's not yours. You and Mr Jazz are both fortunate to have found each other. No relationship right now to write about. But it's a fun idea.

  7. choochoo says:

    I discovered he was married. That was a helluva turn-off. Never been quite that turned off in my whole, entire life, really.

  8. pinklea says:

    O – kay. I'll start working on it. Right away. Now. Really. I promise!

  9. Jocelyn says:

    For some time, I've been meaning to write about my "first date," such as it was, with Groomeo. Shall do, babes. Only fair.

  10. geewits says:

    I think I posted mine a few years ago. I loved reading your extras. I, too, am all about the laughing, but the most interesting thing is that you were once arm candy. Stalwart tough Jazz was arm candy? I love it!

  11. lady macleod says:

    I came over from Ian's place to read about your romance. I'm so totally on board with your comment about "intelligence"! Brains are the sexiest part of any man – that's it, case closed. And why, she asked, do you think beauties like Hallie Berry get cheated on by their spouses? And she is not the only one by far – you really need to have something to say (this is no barb for Ms. Berry, I don't know her, but enjoy her work; the chap could have just been a wanker).Very enjoyable idea. I shall join the romance parade and link to you today – unless (that drum roll) the Denver weather wickedly pulls me and my HUGE blister back out onto the trail…. Someone please pass the moderation…

  12. Pouty Lips says:

    I played on Dream Weavinghttp://dreamweavingalife.blogspot.com/2009/09/old-geezer-continued.html

  13. Maddy says:

    I won't post as I'm brain dead after a four day weekend, but I'll share non the less. Although I also have an ex, I notice quite a similarity with the 'shell departure' with the new partner also.After 24 years it seems we also are still getting to know each other without the 'hiding' element too.

  14. Jazz says:

    Bonnie – Hi IS lucky isn't he? ;-)Mr. Jazz – and don't you forget it! :-pSAW – I would too.Expat – I love that story!Ian – loved yours Gaelyn – One day maybe you can tell us about one.Choochoo – That would be a turn-offPinklea – Get to work!Jocelyn – I'm waiting with bated breath…er… eyes.Geewits – I'll try to hunt down that post. And arm candy??? God no! Or at any rate I've never thought of it like that. He just took up too much space. Arm candy… *shudder*Lady M – Welcome here and we want the tale!! Take care of the blister and tell us the tale instead.PoutyLips – Loved that storyMaddy – I can understand your "braindeadedness". Thanks for sharing!

  15. XUP says:

    I don't have an SO. Can I play a different game?

  16. Jazz says:

    XUP – You can play any game you want!

  17. Dumdad says:

    Apart from the obvious, laughter is a must.

  18. Great post!does Mr Jazz have an identical twin? Send him over my way, will ya? he's dreamy!

  19. Birdie says:

    I caught it from Jeaux, and you can read it here.

  20. Lolly says:

    When I met my current husband (of 19 years) he was starting to work at the place where I was working. When I heard him telling stories of his mean German mother, whose knuckles drug the ground, I could tell that in reality, he really respected her. Someone who doesn't respect his mom would not bother making up such expressive stories. And I knew he had to be a good guy. And I'm a sucker for a good story.

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