Aaaaaaand they’re off!!

Posted: October 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

To paraphrase Led Zeppelin… Going to California…. on a big jet plane. Ok, I admit there’s a lot of heartache lyrics missing here, but what the hell, it doesn’t apply it’s gone.  Call it artistic license. Or failure to actually search around for something that does fit…

‘Cause I’m done California Dreamin’ too. I’m on my way!!

Now, here’s hoping our friends at Blogger won’t hate me too much and post this as scheduled. Gotta love Blogger scheduling – if and when it works…

God how I love being on holidays with Mr. Jazz. And this is a first, a holiday with computer. Depending on how it goes (one computer, two people, how much time is spent  on it – somehow I think it won’t be much) it might also be the last. But that is of no import here.

Cause people I.



Away to California, land of sun and ocean, beaches and desert – and I will sample them all…

First stop: Palm Springs. Mecca of the geriatric and the gays. Bizarre mix, but there you go. The gays, lets face it, are much more fun – their evenings don’t end at 6:00pm. But since I’m rapidly approaching geridom, coming here to practice seemed like an interesting plan. Nowadays, you see, I’m all about comfort and good wine and less so about the dormitory, outside toilet and backpack. I guess that’s what old is all about…

On the program this time, back to Joshua Tree for hiking – cause there are so many places there we didn’t manage to get to last time. We’ve been away 10 months and it’s been way too long.

And hiking in Indian Canyon….

And hiking at San Jacinto…

And hiking at… We’re on the way to gerridom, people. I didn’t say we had arrived!

And wandering around at Salton Sea checking out the birds, among other things.
And to end up, a couple of days at Redondo Beach. ‘Cause I need me my ocean fix before I take myself home. I need to breathe that smell, I need to hear the waves, I need to see the endless water before spending another several months cooped up in an office and wading through oceans of slush – much less interesting as oceans go, dontcha think?

And so from all of you to me and Mr. Jazz….

Have a great vacation!!!!

  1. Gaelyn says:

    Enjoy it to the fullest and hike until just before your feet hurt. You don't wear heels doing that I hope. Look forward to many great pics and stories.

  2. That right! Have a fabulous time. Wiggle your toes in some sand for me and have a swim for me in that beautiful Pacific Ocean!

  3. geewits says:

    Well don't come back and say you can't think of anything to post! I've read and seen stuff about the Salton Sea. It's really bizarre. Take lots of pics!

  4. pinklea says:

    Have a fabulous trip and welcome back to the Pacific Time Zone!

  5. Gnightgirl says:

    Jealous. Jealous. Lather, rinse, repeat.

  6. lime says:

    well have a great time! and shucks, i finally answered the award you gave me. but it will keep until you get back.

  7. XUP says:

    I'm already looking forward to your travel tales and photos. Have fun!

  8. mrwriteon says:

    I am so totally seething with envy. I hope you know that. But, have a wonderful time nevertheless.

  9. Jocelyn says:

    I can't believe it's been ten months! Seems like last month.And I do wish you knew my (gay) pal Jim (he has guest posted for me a handful of times), as he's dean at the College of the Desert in Palm Springs and knows where the best Thai food is.Enjoy, babes. Enjoy.

  10. choochoo says:

    have fun in the sunshine, luvy

  11. Suldog says:

    Well, I'm just back from our vacation. Have a great time!

  12. alison says:

    have fun! It sounds wonderful.

  13. Suldog says:

    I've finally accepted your award, Jazz (with the usual rancor.) Come and see when you get back. I know it won't be the most pleasant "Welcome Home!", but that's the price you pay when you give a slug like me an award!

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