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Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

Ticknart did it here. And I thought it was really quite cool, so I’m doing it now.  I hope the rest of you will join in. Oh, and in case you have problems reading it, the “translation” is below the images…

It might seem somewhat incoherent, but keep in mind that it was written at the ungodly hour of 6:30 on a Saturday morning – that in itself is a total obscenity. I have no business being conscious at 6:30 on a Saturday – and re-reading this, I realize that I wasn’t completely conscious anyway. Which is good, I suppose, it precluded me from writing “neatly”…

So this is it – my handwriting. I told Ticknart I was going to do this and I did get around to it [Kudos to me!!]  – now I have to get around to Geetwits’ 5 words – and I’ll do that too, I swear. Actually I think this is a wonderful idea. I love writing. I have no problem with what my writing looks like – contrary to a lot of people who seem to think theirs is really ugly – I can’t help but wonder what they expect… Actually I love that there are no longer any penmanship classes, when everyone’s handwriting looked the same. I love seeing the uniqueness of other people’s writing. Even when it’s illegible – I work with engineers.

I love the feeling of a pen scratching across paper. And the sound of it too – when it’s quiet enoug – like on a Saturday morning at 6:30 ferchrissake when I can’t for the life of me get back to sleep!!!!

Maybe that’s one of the reasons I’ve been keeping a journal for 36 years now. The act of writing – as opposed to typing, which I do entirely to much of, is very calming…

I used to write 3-4 letters a week – now I blog. It might reach more people, but it doesn’t quite have the same feeling to it, does it. I think I’d be hard pressed to find anyone to write back tome these days – life gets in the way I guess. I’m not sure I could sustain the rhythm myself.

So there you go. Please “write” a post, I’d love to see your handwriting – I promise I can in no way see into your soul through it – I have no notion of graphology (is that the word?) whatsoever.

I just think it’d be really really cool.

C’mon, jump in!!


  1. ticknart says:

    Hey, I like your handwriting, too!

  2. Suldog says:

    That is kind of a neat thing. Maybe I'll do one later this week.

  3. Gaelyn says:

    Great idea! I too have been journaling for most of my years and truly enjoy the feel of a quality pen in my fingers as it floats across the page. Blogging has reduced my journaling by pen. Used to write lots of letters. Now it's phone or Net. Your writing is very legible, even at the ungodly hour of, what was it 6am. I'll remember this and try it.Very fun post Jazz.

  4. XUP says:

    I hate writing with a pen or pencil and paper. Sometimes I don't even remember how. It's so slow and I get all frustrated because I can't write fast enough. I can't imagine how novelists in the olden days wrote and re-wrote and re-wrote their manuscripts. I'd never have the patience. I don't even have the patience to write a grocery list – so I have an online spreadsheet that keeps track of prices and most frequently bought items and stuff. Ahhhh…good old computers

  5. geewits says:

    Like, Xup, I absolutely HATE to write. It has always hurt my hand to write, even as a child, but now with the osteoarthritis in my thumb it is far worse. What's funny though is that you and I write alike. I always jump between print and cursive when I write. The weirdest part is that on a single page, I make the Y three different ways! I'm sure that "means" something, but I have no idea what.

  6. VioletSky says:

    I will give this a go.I wish I loved writing more. I actually miss writing letters and in a journal and keep meaning to get back into it. I love the feel of a good weighted pen, too.

  7. Jazz says:

    Ticknart – thanksSuldog – Yes! Do!!!Gaelyn – Can't wait to see.XUP – That's just it, writing forces you to slow down. Slowing down is good…Geewits – why am I not surprised that we write alike? Yet another similarity.VS – Give it a try, then go out and get yourself a journal…

  8. ooh!love your handwriting :)I have made note to do my own for next week! Thanks!

  9. Not me! My handwriting is terrible and it hurts my wrists (carpal tunnel problems). I write much more fluently on a computer.

  10. Jeaux says:

    I used to love to write. The keyboard has stolen my mojo hand. But now when I write, my script has reverted to some kind of atavistic essence – I'm beginning to spot, here and there, the occasional sample of my father's hand that I didn't notice before. Beyond that my natural style of writing is uncannily like my best friend's. I think there really is something of the soul, after allowances are made for culture, era, and the like, in our handwriting.

  11. Susan Tuttle says:

    i love handwriting too — especially how each one is so unique, just like the person behind it.

  12. choochoo says:

    I shall now forge a love-letter in your handwriting to the VI. Muahahahahah. Hehe. Teehee. Narf.

  13. Jocelyn says:

    Your handwriting is just what I'd have expected…though maybe BLACK ink instead of purple? Hee-hee.This is a challenge I can take on–and it won't be two months before I finally fulfill it.Maybe.GREAT idea!

  14. Suldog says:

    Did one – kinda, sorta 🙂

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