Guaranteed Feel Good Moment

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Uncategorized


Early morning. You’re getting ready for work.

You’re sitting on the bed, staring into space – as you are wont to do  It’s just so damn early isn’t it.

You snap out of it, sigh, and bend down to put on your socks.

The button of your pants pops off. The only reason it doesn’t fly across the room is that you’re bent over

Guaranteed to make you feel good about yourself on a gloomy Tuesday morning.

  1. XUP says:

    That's why I always put my socks on first. On a positive note — next week at this time, the days are going to start getting longer again!!

  2. lime says:

    ugh….yeah i think i'd want to crawl back in bed at that point.

  3. choochoo says:

    I have a big, fluffy robe to act as a go-between between the bed and the bathroom. That way there's no popping buttons. Although I keep misplacing the belt thingy.

  4. Maddy says:

    I recommend elastic……it's unbeatable.

  5. mrwriteon says:

    I like your attitude, I do-I do. And we have snow, too. Thought that might make you feel even better.

  6. Suldog says:

    I always wear sneakers. Well, today I put on some Converse All-Stars (high tops) and I was freakin' out of breath from doing so. I had to tug and pull to get the high tops over my heel, you know? But, out of breath from putting on my shoes? What's next?

  7. geewits says:

    Oh no! I always hated those last minute mishaps before work. I wouldn't have time to sew the button back on so I'd have to change pants, then the new pants wouldn't quite work with the shirt I'd planned to wear, so you have to pick a different shirt, so now those socks no longer match and you're back to the socks – right where you started.

  8. Mary Buek says:

    At least you didn't smack your head on the bedside table when you bent over to put on your socks. See, things can always be worse…believe it or not. From your friend Pollyanna.

  9. That's supposed to happen after the holidays, not before!! Oh dear……everything expands when you bend over…Just put your socks on before your pants!!

  10. Warty Mammal says:

    LOL.I think you just came up with a new party game/fair competition – button popping! It would be sort of like watermelon seed spitting, only far more humiliating.

  11. Dumdad says:

    Look for the positives: at least you can bend over….

  12. Jazz says:

    XUP – socks on first, three seconds longer, socks on first, three seconds longer….Lime – Bed. Ah yes, that would've been lurvly.Maddy – but it's elasticIan – snow, schmow we have more!Suldog – you don't wanna know.Geewits – the whole idea of that scares me.Mary – thank you pollyannaBonnie – I did the sock first thing this morning. I'm becoming paranoid.WM – much much more humiliatingDD – there is that!

  13. Jocelyn says:

    The only thing that could have redeemed that moment would have been the button knocking out George W Bush's eye on its trajectory.

  14. Jazz says:

    Joce – thankfully Dubbya spends no time at all in my bedroom.

  15. Ha ha! I don't mean to laugh at your misfortune, but God knows I need some laughs these days.

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