False adverstising?

Posted: March 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

There’s a whole debate raging in Quebec these days regarding the niqab, and recently a immigrant taking French classes was told she’d have to take off her niqab in class  in order facilitate interaction with her peers, or take the class online. She opted to leave the class.

It seems that the niqab doesn’t only cause problems in the west. It seems to lead to cases of  false advertising. (text of the article below)

Man claims fiancee hid beard under niqab

* By Bassam Za’za’, Senior Reporter
* Published: 00:00 February 10, 2010
* Gulf News

An Arab ambassador said he decided to call off his wedding immediately after he discovered that his wife-to-be, who wears a niqab, was bearded and cross-eyed.

Dubai: An Arab ambassador said he decided to call off his wedding immediately after he discovered that his wife-to-be, who wears a niqab, was bearded and cross-eyed.

The ambassador claimed that the bride’s mother deceived his mother, when she went to see his Gulf national wife-to-be, by showing her pictures of the bride’s sister.

The Arab man, who also holds the title of minister plenipotentiary, claimed to a Sharia court judge in Dubai that the bride’s family showed his mother photos of the bride’s sister and not the woman he was going to marry.

Sources close to the case told Gulf News that the groom only saw the woman a few times. He did not realise that she had a beard because she wore the niqab the few times he met her, added the source.

“Every time the couple met, the bride would do her best not to reveal her entire face. After the ambassador and the woman, who is a physician, signed the marriage contract, the groom was sitting with the bride… he claimed to the Sharia court officials that when he wanted to kiss his wife-to-be, he discovered that she was bearded and cross-eyed as well,” claimed the source.

The ambassador then decided to call off the wedding party and lodged a divorce claim alleging that he was tricked by his parents-in-law and incurred emotional and moral damage.

In his lawsuit, the groom also asked the bride to repay him his Dh500,000, the amount which he claimed he spent on jewellery, clothes and gifts.

During the trial, the bride asked the judge to dismiss the groom’s lawsuit and demanded him to pay her alimony after the Arab called off the wedding party.

Gulf News also learnt that the ambassador requested the Sharia court to refer the Gulf national woman to a specialist to have her examined for hormonal deficiencies.

The court referred the bride to a specialist who countered the ambassador’s claims and reported that she did not suffer any hormonal problems.

The court divorced the couple and rejected the groom’s request that the pre-marriage gifts be returned.

  1. Jeaux says:

    Plenipotentiaries are so damn picky.

  2. Big Brother says:

    Gives new meaning to the old expression, "Buying a pig in a poke"

  3. Kay says:

    just go get a waxing kit… how embarrassing for both sides, really

  4. alteredbits says:

    i don't see how he couldn't figure out that she was cross-eyed before — it's not as if her eyes were covered. and how would he have "moral damage"?? so sad.you about killed me with your puppy comment on my blog today. i had a massive coughing fit when i read it (my flu isn't yet gone). and you're probably right. 🙂

  5. geewits says:

    That would all be hilarious if it weren't so overwhelmingly creepy.

  6. Voyager says:

    There are days I wish I could dress like that. As long as no one was forcing me to.V.

  7. XUP says:

    It's bad enough that these misogynists are allowed to keep their women wrapped up from head to toe and then divorce them if they don't like the way they look; I find it outrageous that Canada allows these women to continue to be treated as lesser human beings in this country. Germany is passing legislation that requires all immigrants to adhere to the rules of equality of that country — not of their home country. So no more face covering.

  8. e says:

    Mysogeny and stupidity thrive…I'm going to check out the puppy comment.

  9. Warty Mammal says:

    Sounds like the poor woman probably has polycystic ovarian syndrome, or some other issue. Take her to a doctor, for heaven's sakes!My husband used to have crossed eyes. I found it vaguely comforting, not being able to tell whether he was looking at me or not. He never wore a niqab, though.

  10. Jazz says:

    Jeaux – ain't they justBB – LOLKay – obviously her parents didn't think her marriage material, if they were showing him her sister's pics.Altered – the pics were of her sister.Geewits – oh yeahVoyager – seems rather uncomfortableXUP – Yeah. It's mind boggling. If I were to go to a country where women are expected to cover up, could I just say, well that's not the way we do it in Canada, so forget about it? I think not.e – it's a mean commentWM – glad he passed on the niqab.

  11. Suldog says:

    Of course, some of these women WANT to dress that way, so you wouldn't want to take that right away from them, correct?Anyway, I say the guy deserves no recompense or pity. If you're willing to marry someone sight unseen, you deserve whatever you get.

  12. Ha! And I thought people were deceptive on on-line dating sites!

  13. Jocelyn says:

    I knew the story of my first marriage would leak out eventually.

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