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So lets continue wandering along the Breton coast. Look! More pretty flowers.

A Breton beach somewhere – Morgat I believe…

Us again.

Only in France will they serve you espresso and macarons at McDonald’s.

Me again, with the whole dark glasses and glamour thing going on.  Unfortunately no glass of wine to raise to your health – I had drunk it by then. Draining glasses of wine is a talent of mine. They’re there then, poof, they’re gone.

Some buildings in Morgat.

On another beach. There were all those weird sand worms all over the place. I’ve never seen anything like it… (Edit: actually I just call them sand worms cause they look all wormy. However, they are just little swirls/squiggles of sand. I have no idea how they’re formed or what they are…Maybe I should call ’em sand spaghetti?)

An anonymous church in an anonymous village somewhere along the road…

The door on this place? It was about as tall as I was. Very very strange door.

The church spire in Roskoff. This is the city where the ferries arrive from England and Ireland.

Who knew artichokes didn’t actually grow in supermarkets? I had never seen an artichoke as a… well plant…

More old stones in Roscoff for Violet Sky. I admit to cropping the first couple of pics (and the last one in order to get rid of a bunch of random tourists. They were all over the place.

And thus ends Brittany, next up a medieval castle in Normandy – Nogent Le Routrou….


  1. Gaelyn says:

    That looks like the kind of spire a fairy would land on. Oh, the other kind of ferry. I just hate when tourists get in my pictures. What are they doing there anyway.Brittany is full of rather old stone, isn't it. I wonder if the medieval castle will have tourists?

  2. Jazz says:

    There were no tourists at the castle other than us. We were having typical Breton/Norman weather that day. Cold and rainy. Which was good, cause I'd have had to throw them in the moat.

  3. Suldog says:

    I, too, had never seen an actual artichoke plant, until now. Thank you. Odd that they grow that high off the ground. I always sort of assumed they were ON the ground somehow.That spire is stunning.

  4. Mr. Jazz says:

    Ah, the memories…

  5. Nice pictures, thanks for posting them. I love all that old stone, and the flowers, but not the worms.(Just in case you care about what I like)The photo of you with the sunglasses & jeans jacket is edgier, more like I imagined you, not that I spend a whole lot of time imagining any bloggers I follow. My attention span sometimes is only seconds long. But did you ever have jet black hair with red violet streaks?Happy days,Joanie

  6. geewits says:

    What a great collection of photos! There's something for everyone. People who love old buildings (me!) People who love flowers. (me!) People who want to see you and Mr. Jazz (me!) and people who may have never really thought of artichokes growing in a field (me!). Even the sandworms were interesting and thought-provoking: I wondered what they eat.

  7. Jazz says:

    Sully – Yeah, artichokes are bizarre in so many ways. Bizarre to see on plants, bizarre to look at, bizarre to eat. You gotta wonder who first decided to eat one of those things… He/she was bizarre too…Mr. Jazz – :-)Joanie – Nope. Before my hair was grey it was brown. Ordinary ordinary ordinary. It's nice to think someone might think of me as edgy though!Geewits – YOU! Actually I'll have to edit that sandworm thing. I called them sandworms, but actually they're not worms at all, they're just curls of sand that looked, well, wormey… I have no idea how the hell they were formed though… Probably XUP would know. She knows everything.

  8. geewits says:

    Maybe it's sand poop from some creature that eats something in the sand?

  9. Jazz says:

    Geewits – I tried Google and I found a picture of the same thing on someone's Flickr, but no explanation. Where's XUP when you need her?!

  10. XUP says:

    "Draining glasses of wine is a talent of mine"… "glasses….?" You meant "bottles" didn't you. Also, even though you're only taking special pictures for Violetsky and Geewits and not me, I will tell you what your sand worms are. They are actually lugworm castings. The middle of the loop is where his head is as he's eating the sand.

  11. Jazz says:

    XUP – All right. Bottles. But I only had a glass at that place. So there. And the picture from McDonald's with the macarons and espresso… who else can it be for but you my dear. And the sand thing? How do you KNOW that?!?!

  12. Jocelyn says:

    Macaroons at McDonald's? I need to get me back to France–it's okay if I totally stalk your trip and thusly avoid Paris, right?I think you and me and a bottle of wine could be tres fun but a leeetle dangerous, too, as I've found I like to drink wine as though it's soda pop–I consciously have to slow myself down to the recommended sipping. Guzzles are so much more natural…

  13. choochoo says:

    them sure are som purdy flowers. What do you call the one that looks like a ding-dong?

  14. Jazz says:

    Joce – You an' me an' a bottle of wine sounds like heaven. Though maybe more than one would be in order cause the whole guzzling thing? Oh yeah. The good thing about wine glasses is that you at least look like you have a semblance of class whilst guzzling. Oh and feel free to stalk my trip. I sorta missed not going to Paris this time, actually.Chooch – A ding-dong flower.

  15. Another great set of photos.I made the mistake of ordering a mclobster out of curiosity while in Canada. It was the only bad food I had while there. Actually, that's not true. The Tim Horton donuts were the worst I've ever had. But all food at restaurants was excellent.

  16. P.S. I want to be in on the wine-sharing with you and Jocelyn. I'll bring an extra bottle.

  17. XUP says:

    I looked it up, Jazz. Anyone can do it.

  18. Gnightgirl says:

    Gorgeous pix; I'd never seen an artichoke plant either; never even thought to look one up. I'm always more edumacated from reading your blog!

  19. mrwriteon says:

    Yep — still seething with envy.

  20. Jazz says:

    SAW – Never order McAnything. Always a bad idea. Wine on the other hand is always a good idea.XUP – I did! I swear! I googled sand worm and had about a million hits about Dune. I never did scroll down far enough to hit the lugworms. My bad.Gnightgirl – Edumacation is good. Apparently.Ian – Seethe away. 😉

  21. VioletSky says:

    I was here. I admired the photos. I even left a comment. at least I thought I did.oh yes, I remember, I was looking up the name 'lugworms'. maybe I forgot to come back…that church spire looks like someone's fantasy.

  22. lime says:

    what beautiful pictures. i love the ceiling of the church and the flowers of course. the artichokes….i'd never have imagined that's how they grew. i figured it would look more like a cabbage or such.

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