How totall freaking awesome is this?

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

  1. geewits says:

    It's pretty cool but I don't have a webcam. And "ha ha!" you used the word "awesome."I hope your birthday was awesome.

  2. Gaelyn says:

    That is really pretty cool. I may have to check it out. Used to love to hand write letters.

  3. The thing I like most about typing is that it eliminates my handwriting, which is quite terrible!

  4. Jazz says:

    Geewits – Damn! I did use awesome!Gaelyn – me too. I wrote tons of letters.SAW – but you can tailor it to how you'd like to see it written…

  5. pinklea says:

    That is so amazing! I don't actually handwrite, I print, and my printing is very nice (if I do say so myself!), but it would be so neat to see it on the screen instead of whichever computer font. What a great idea!

  6. XUP says:

    Pinklea: Is it a requirement for teachers to have neat printing or do they just develop neat printing on the job? I've always wondered about that because all teachers seem to have neat printing.

  7. Suldog says:

    That is pretty awesome. I don't know that I'd ever use it, though. One of the reasons I type – or print – is because my handwriting is execrable.

  8. mrwriteon says:

    It could be amazing if I didn't have handwriting that looked like a prescription form.

  9. alison says:

    My handwriting has been compared to an ink-dipped and drunken spider's tracks across the paper. The compute would rebel and refuse to emulate it.

  10. Jazz says:

    Pinky – ain't it just though!XUP – You obviously haven't seen my brother's…Sully – Thing is, you can always tailor your writing so it's just like you'd like it. A bit of a fib, but meh…Ian – See aboveAlison – See above above.@ All – It's funny how everyone says their handwriting is horrible. How everyone hates it. And yet, in most cases, I find it quite readable. I love handwriting…

  11. pinklea says:

    @XUP – Nope, many teachers have horrid handwriting/ printing, like Jazz says her Big Brother does. Some do develop the skill, especially primary teachers, because if they don't, the kids can never read anything they put on the board! I've always had very legible, neat printing, right from school entry. I've never had to work at it, so I guess that makes me the perfect primary teacher!

  12. Jocelyn says:

    I love handwriting, too, even though mine has deteriorated over the years. I can see this being a good tool to use in the relatively-clinical and personality-lacking online classes I teach.

  13. Jazz says:

    Line – ain't it just great?Joce – You should do it.

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