I have a new favourite word.

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

It’s the bestest word EVAH!

It showed up as a word verification on Ricë’s blog.


It is the most perfect word for a boring day at the office. I should print it out in a huge font and plaster it all over the office. Woompata !!!!

Now I just have to decide what it means. Any suggestions?

  1. Mr. Jazz says:

    It could be: "North American ape-like man, with no chin, fat, bold and with bad temper." A bit like Kwyjibo…

  2. Guillaume says:

    My idea: a trivial event in a day that changes one's mood radically.

  3. Jeaux says:

    A love pat, but bigger.

  4. It's the Oompa Loompa's version of Woo hoo!

  5. Gaelyn says:

    It kind of reminds me of "To Wanda!" Maybe a proclamation that anything goes.word verification: halminfe, which sounds like something I might own.

  6. geewits says:

    If you mess with me I will lay some woompata on your ass!it's a foreign derivative of the slang "whompass"

  7. choochoo says:

    Oh, I know what that means. It what you say when you've one-up'ed someone inferior. It's like that mature, intellectual way of shouting "BURN!". We don't shout "BURN!" because we're theoretically mature and this isn't the 70s show.

  8. Shrinky says:

    You need Harry Potter's wand to make it work, but if you say it three times out loud, it transports you to a five star hotel where room service is free, a masseuse is obligatory, and the telly has 109 INTERESTING channels – whilst simuntaniously leaving your office behind in a ball of flame..(But it returns everything to normal in 24hrs)

  9. lime says:

    it's the latest dance craze! let's woompata, baby!

  10. it's how unborn babies say "who's your daddy?"

  11. XUP says:

    Woompata is a visceral reaction in your womanly areas to something particularly fiiiiine. e.g.: "When I saw the new pool boy hosing himself down, it gave me some serious woompata."

  12. Suldog says:

    It's the sound made when you achieve liftoff, and come back down on your seat, after eating 3 chili dogs, a bowl of baked beans, some corned beef & cabbage, and a handful of radishes.

  13. tattytiara says:

    Also the best word ever for playing the name game.Woompata woompata boompata banana fana foompata me mi mo mata, woompata!

  14. Jocelyn says:

    Clearly, it's Finnish.As I am of Finnish extraction, I can tell you it's what occurs when a pregnant woman feels the fetus inside of her move for the first time.

  15. Warty Mammal says:

    The other suggestions are all excellent. The only thing I have to contribute is that it sounds a bit like an alternate name for one's vulva.

  16. mrwriteon says:

    She had the nicest set of Woompatas that I've ever seen.

  17. Woompata is that level of fucked-up-ness that only the likes of 2girls1cup, goatse.cx, tubgirl and the Japanese have managed to achieve.Its Japanese for "really really disgustingly fucked-up, I'm gonna hurl."

  18. Jazz says:

    @ All – Thanks for the definitions! You guys had me in stitches.

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