C’mon in!

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

Welcome to the new and improved Haphazard Life, still actually exactly the same except this time I have even less idea what the hell I’m doing than before. So, grab a Blue Margarita and lets get on with this.

Since it’s August 1, here is my first photo. Already I’ve begun cheating, it was taken yesterday, not today… damn… Ah well, I’m nothing if not creative a liar (ooohhh I like the strikethrough!).

XUP was right. “One word”, she said, “WordPress.”

So out with the old, in with the new, Blogger has been dumped in favour of WordPress which will also no doubt drive me inane. But at least I’m done with Blogger’s passive-aggressive psychoticism (good to know I can stil make up words here – what’s life without make believe?)

So here I am. You’ll have to bear with me because I haven’t a clue what I’m doing here. The dashboard is all… well wrong, but no doubt I’ll get used to it, and along the way mercilessly hound all those of you who said I should come here into giving me the information I’m just too damn lazy to hunt down on my own.

And hopefully you’ll be able to comment.

Besides the strikethough, I also think it’s quite cool that when I hit Enter my cursor actually goes down on its own and I no longer have to do the whole use-the-arrow-to-change-paragraphs thing.

Heh. Despite not being a big one for change, I might actually like this. Though I’m sort of annoyed that I finally had a look I liked and now I’m back to square one.

Ah well, challenges are apparently good for meno-brain.

  1. Mr. Jazz says:

    Welcome home sista!

  2. pinklea says:

    Hey, welcome to WordPress, Jazz! Hope you like it here – we’re nice people, plus you’ll now get to see my gravatar!

  3. That’s my biggest reluctance to moving – I like some of the blogger things like the followers button and the pictures in the sidebar and my banner. I don’t want to lose all that.

  4. geogypsy says:

    Make mine a double. Cheers! and good luck with this new blog.

  5. geogypsy says:

    Hey, now it appears I can only follow you on my dashboard reading list. Are we all going to have to change to wordpress?

  6. Rachel says:

    OOOhh, pretty!

    OOHH shiny!

    I like the new digs. And thanks for the drink!

    I hope you find the dashboard easier once you get the hang of things. At the very least, the akismet spam filter leaves Blogger’s system in the DUST.


  7. Fingers crossed on the comment thing…best wishes to you!
    Here goes……..

  8. VioletSky says:

    Have fun.

  9. Jazz says:

    sheeeet. I can’t even find where the comments are…..

    ok, so…

    Mr. Jazz – thank you love

    Pink – I’m loving the poodle!!!

    SAW – I imagine there’s other cool stuff here. When I find it, I’ll let you know. I’ll be your wordpress menor

  10. Jazz says:

    SAW – OK, lets try this again. WordPress is starting to fuck me over cause I did not press post comment. So maybe it’s all because I’m a complete spazz. Maybe Blogger didn’t hate me at all and I’m jus pathetic…

    Geogyp – Here’s your double. Maybe you have to do the reader thing. Dunno. When I was on Blogger I was using Google Reader (still am) it pretty much followed everything I wanted. Maybe I need to add some sort of RSS feed thingy. Bear with me. I’m learning. Have a Margarita.

    Rachel – askimet spam filter? What the hell are you talking about? You know how I can make it easy for people to follow?

    Joanie – your comment showed up fine. We can do this!!

    VS – Huh…. all I want is more gain than pain….

  11. geewits says:

    I couldn’t find the comments at first either. I’m curious to see what sort of picture your blog will assign me. I guess I’ll just miss seeing my pic on my comments but I’m used to it by now since so many have switched to WordPress. If it makes it easier for you and that makes you post more, then I am certainly all for it! Have fun!

    • Jazz says:

      Oh wow, I can answer under your comment. Cool…

      I’m still trying to find my way around, hopefully I’ll be able to tweak stuff sooner rather than later…

  12. geewits says:

    Interesting. It’s the same pic I have at Lone Grey Squirrel’s place, but not at Xup’s.

  13. choochoo says:

    nice place you got here. I’m thinking of moving my blog too. Hmmm. Something to ponder. Hey, we can be neighbours.

  14. mrwriteon says:

    Here I am. Do I look different? Anyway, you won’t regret the move. The way Blogger screwed me around year before last has meant they’ll never be forgiven by moi. I agree with what someone wrote in that WP has some limitations Blogger doesn’t have but, do you know what it does have? Real people who will respond to inquiries and try to solve them. How cool is that?

    • Jazz says:

      Well so far I haven’t found where i can change font colours and such, plus it seems you can’t really give your blog the look you want, you’re stuck with WordPress templates… and I’ve had comments from people that it’s hard to follow WordPress. Anyone know how I can add an RSS feed thingy?

      Oh, and wow, just under the post comment button it says : You are the author of this post. Hmmmm pretty much stating the obvious, non?

  15. XUP says:

    It’s totally arsesome (which is much, much better even that “awesome”). Welcome to the light!

  16. G says:

    I always find WordPress better to post comments on. Blogger can give you the runaround; captchas not working first time round, etc. And you often have to leave the screen with the article you’re commenting on in order to post the comment… which is idiotic – you might want to check the article, refresh your memory, before making some point in a long comment.

    I find the interface mostly inuitive enough. I will make a prediction though: unless you are already good with HTML, you will at some point go crazy at the thing for not displaying spacing properly, ESPECIALLY when you cut-paste into a post.

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