August Break – August 3

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well, I’m really not doing so well at the following of rules. A picture a day is morphing into way more than that – but they can count for when I can’t post on weekends, eh?

Or something.

We also know I’m incapable of shutting the hell up, so the whole photo and no words thing obviously won’t work too well for me, as evidenced so far.

At any rate, it’s a rainy day in Montreal. But somehow I’m liking it today.  I’m in a great mood, which is usually not the case when I get drenched in order to take some pictures. Go figure…

The school in front of where I work. So quiet when the kids are on vacation….

How do people take pictures of drops of rain in windows anyway? Really. HOW?

  1. tattytiara says:

    I suspect they spray water on the camera lens and then just take a picture of a regular ol’ dry window. It’s a trick, I tell ya!

  2. geewits says:

    Great pics. I love the puddle circles! I imagine you have to turn off the flash and do the macro setting, but notice I said, “imagine” because obviously I have no idea.

    • Jazz says:

      I macroed (is that even a word?) the purple flowers, but I just zoomed on the puddle – it was to far for the flash to have any effect…

  3. Focus on the waterdrops. Are you using a point & shoot?
    I like the reflection on the road in the first photo.
    And I really like the idea of showing more than one photo some days in case of a lazy day coming up.

    • Jazz says:

      Yeah, it’s one of those idiot proof Lumix cameras. I’ll have to try to focus on the drops, but I’m not sure that’s not beyond my poor camera’s capacity. You lose a lot with idiot proof, but you do gain the idiot proofedness.

  4. XUP says:

    I like it when you do words. I like words. I like your photos, too, but I have nothing much to comment about photos except “nice photo” and that gets old really fast.

    • Jazz says:

      That’s a pretty good comment for a nothing post. And yeah, nice pic gets old fast. Dunno if I’ll be able to word every day though… but I will try.

  5. I only do photos without words on rare occasions – mostly I like to hear the why of the photos or hear a story that makes them relevant. So this sort of post is good with me.

    • Jazz says:

      Thanks for the input SAW. There will be words. The whole just post a pic and don’t talk thing… it just doesn’t work for me.

  6. pinklea says:

    So does this mean that we’ll just get words for the next five days and no photos? Does the August photo challenge thing work like that? (Not that I have anything against photos or words or anything, I’m just asking the question. That’s okay, isn’t it?)

    • Jazz says:

      From what I read it has to be a photo a day. Each day (except maybe weekends – I couldn’t post on saturdays anyway since I don’t have access at the cottage). Not sure I’ll be able to take a picture a day… We’ll see.

  7. choochoo says:

    them thar flowers look very funky-dunky

  8. Suldog says:

    As promised, here I am! Link has been changed.

    Nice moody pics, by the way.

  9. paula says:

    Yeah, I don’t know about the drops of rain thing either. Must be a tute out there somewhere on that. I like that you’re doing more than one photo. And I like that there is commentary to the photos. Makes them have more depth. I am noticing that the others doing this challenge (including the challenger) aren’t following “the rules”). So we know what to do with those, eh?

    I really like the rain in the water puddle one as well as the last one, with the greenery. Love that over-exposed look here. Keep it up, sis-ta!

  10. Rachel says:

    I love the bamboo!
    I have a fancy digital camera with programs for special shots, so I can’t help you with the rain drops thing. I just use the “flower” setting and turn off the flash.

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