Statues and mannequins…

Posted: August 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Today I wanted to post an image of a statue that sometimes resides outside Westmount Square. Seriously, only sometimes. It’s actually quite a cool statue consisting of several shrouded figures, but this is one of those times the statue is simply not there.  I don’t know where it goes or why it disappears and reappears, but it sure as hell screwed up my photo-op. I’m pretty sure I must have a picture of it somewhere in my laptop…

So, no statue. Instead a bunch of headless gold mannequins, dressed in shiny clothes. The picture looks less bizarre than the display.

And while we’re on the sartorial thing, what the hell is with those stupid sandals that have a boot top.  These things:

Seriously, how can anyone think these look good. At the very best they make your legs looks stubby, and if you happen to have stubby legs… well lets not go there. Bad fashion choice. Every time.  Gladiator sandals are bad, this… well this defies description.

  1. Those shoes are ridiculous. Not breaking the line of your leg with a strap at the ankle is one of the main rules, but that pales in comparison.

    (So far so good, I’ve got at least a photo every day.)

    • Jazz says:

      My cankles and I NEVER break the ankle strap rule. Often because the ankle strap simply cuts of the blood circulation… bleh

  2. XUP says:

    I’ve seen otherwise almost-normal looking women wearing these things. It’s even better when they have lots of gold bling all over them. They look like one of those dray horses.

  3. Rachel says:

    Those shoes are only meant for teen girls with legs of gazelles. only teenagers can get away with wearing fugly sh*t.

    the no ankle strap rule is one of them fashion rules I always break. I dont care if they cut off my leg line, I have wide toes and narrow heels; if i dont have a strap the shoes fall off my feet and I fall down.

  4. choochoo says:

    Wow, I love shoes but those things… not even lady gaga would wear those. Although maybe not for the same reasons why the rest of us wouldn’t wear them.

  5. Shrinky says:

    Hey, like the new abode! Um, those statues you ocassionally see? You are SURE they are statues, yeah? My eldest daughter has a set of gladiator sandals – darn, just you hate the young??

  6. geewits says:

    Weird sandals. Sandals? Do they actually qualify as sandals? My daughter actually has some gladiator sandals and because she has a long very thin foot (Hmmm, mix up at the hospital?) thay actually look very good on her. Me? I would look like Fred Flintstonarticus.

  7. lime says:

    dang, it’s been a crazy week and i am late for the free margaritas. well, that’s ok since i still found you. as for those goofy “sandals” i quite agree. a few days ago i saw someone wearing a par where the tops looks like cowboy boots. stupidest looking things ever….and that includes those weird 5 toe shoes i shared a couple weeks ago.

  8. Jazz says:

    I have a friend who has those weird five toe shoes. she says they’re wonderful to run in. Actually I think XUP has a pair too.

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