For Guillaume…

Posted: August 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

…who in last Friday’s comments noted that his favourite police building** in Montreal was the SQ (Sureté du Québec – the Quebec provincial police) headquarters on Parthenais Street… here it is (the backdoor view though, on Fullum Street).

Additionally, a few floors of the building used to be used as a prison, aka the “Parthenais Hotel”. The place also houses the Laboratoire de Sciences Judiciaires et de Médecine Légale – the coroner’s office. If you like Kathy Reichs, you’ve heard of it. She – and her character, Temperance Brennan – work there.

** Guillaume has, however, conveniently neglected to elaborate on why it’s his favourite… a liking for the architecture? an intimate knowledge of the place? Was he, perhaps an undercover cop there?? a “hotel” guest?  🙂

  1. geewits says:

    It’s pretty cool how it reflects back on itself. And I hope they put lights in that tree at Christmas.

  2. Guillaume says:

    Hey, cool, thanks!

    As for why I love those headquarters on Parthenais, it is for what this building represents: it is our Scotland Yard, our SIS Building, the sanctuary of police work in Québec. This is where Maurice “Mom” Boucher first spent his first night in jail after being arrested for murder, this is where the strategies on the war on organised crime were decided, this is where they got the élite of Québec crime fighters, etc. Parthenais is our stronghold.

  3. I like big glass buildings and the reflections in them.

  4. Jazz says:

    Geewits – it is pretty cool, isn’t it? I’ll check for the lights when I go to the theatre this winter. Somehow I doubt it though.

    Guillaume – You’re welcome. When I realized it was right there, what was I gonna do? Besides, it’s a day’s pic taken care of right there.

    SAW – I’m not sure about big glass buildings. But I do like the reflection of itself in this one.

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