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Back in the middle of winter – March it was – I posted some pictures of Buddhas in the snow. They line the drive up to the Ofuro spa. The spa is ok I guess (I’m not big on spas, and facials and all this girly stuff, but I’m weird like that), but the Buddhas are fascinating. I love the Buddhas, actually I love any Buddhas, I’m a buddhaholic. It’s not a spiritual thing – I have the spirituality of a doorknob, but damn I love me a Buddha… maybe because they look all serene and shit. Serenity NOW! Goddammit!

Todays pictures are totally buddhacentric – and a bit of a cheat since they were taken this weekend.

Go ahead, report me to the August Break police.

These guys I took in the orange and pink boutique from the other day. Orange and pink and Buddhas. And the farmers market and a yummy breakfast that the Mouton Noir (black sheep) – a tree hugging granola hippie café/bistro. All that made Jazz a very happy camper indeed.

  1. paula says:

    Great pics and theme! The glass Buddahs look like they’d make good candy jars.

  2. Shrinky says:

    One of my favourite eateries is called “The Laughing Buddah”, and they have some wonderful statues of him in there on display. Back in the days when I had money (before hubby and kids) I used to take myself off for a week every now and then to a Spa-type place (they called them health farms back in my day). I shuffled around in my dressing gown most days, thankful I’d smuggled in my faithful crate of wine upon arrival, but I must say, it was pure bliss to check my mind out and turn my body over to all that pampering.

    Ahh, those were the days..!

  3. Em says:

    Love the photos! My wife would love them even more, being all Buddhisty and stuff. And I appreciate your subtle demand for serenity. 🙂

  4. Jazz says:

    Paula – unfortunately, the top of their heads doesn’t come off…

    Shrinky – I want to go take pictures of the laughing buddhas!

    Em – I all for serentity 🙂

  5. paula says:

    Oh. Well, then maybe putting them in from the bottom and then turning the thing over really fast. Could make some sort of Buddist exercise, getting them out (or contemplating how to get them out). I can dig that.

  6. geewits says:

    You would love my little Buddha. It’s a little metal two-piece Buddha incense burner that my brother bought in maybe 1969 or 70. Have a great weekend!

  7. I like them, too. But here’s an interesting factoid. he Buddha expressly directed his student NOT to make images of him. So in the early years of Buddhism, you would often see the image of a footstep or a lotus instead. But it”s human nature to gravitate toward idolatry. 🙂

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