Ze weekend…

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well hell, summer is back it was a beautiful weekend, and they’re promising a beautiful week – we’ll see how that pans out…

As usual, weekend at the cottage. We’re creatures of habit that way. This morning, my friend Ms. S, her two year old and I went to the beach – the boy likes to roll in the wet sand and throw water all over the place…

This weekend’s pictures:

This is all that can be seen of the cottage from the beach. In a couple of years it will have totally disappeared.

A bench on the way to the beach. For some reason it’s sitting in a totally inaccessible spot of someone’s yard. They can’t love it like I do, or they’d be using it. I have half a mind to go knock on their door and ask them if they’d consider selling it to me.

The swimming dock has been demolished and a new one built. Just part of the pile of old rotted dock waiting to be hauled away.

Red canoe and pedal boats at the beach

The lake, with the beach over there. I put the camera on the edge of a friend’s dock and heh, I like the water level thing.

  1. geogypsy says:

    wow, that sure looks summer inviting. Beginning to feel like Fall here. High winds and down to 38 tonight. The Pines are dancing.

  2. geewits says:

    Nice! Almost makes me want to reconsider my ban on ever going through customs in Canada again.

  3. XUP says:

    I don’t know why you ever come back to the city…oh ya..the food! I would definitely try and chat up that bench owner though.

  4. Jazz says:

    Gypsy – Actually it was feeling like fall until this weekend. Now it seems it’s summer again until at least Wednesday with highs in the 90s.

    Geewits – Canadian customs people seem to have something to prove. They always go out of their way to be nasty. Even to Canadians coming home.

    XUP – Yeah, the bench owner needs chatting up. And I come back to the city because there’s only so much country a girl can take.

  5. paula says:

    So beautiful! Lucky you guys! I, too, really like the water-level photo. They all make me a-happy it’s (still) a-summery summer!

    • Jazz says:

      And now it’s your turn to come to the cottage – no sailing though. By the time you have the sail up, you’d be across the lake.

  6. VioletSky says:

    So I guess, with all those growing trees, you will lose all sight of the water from your cottage?

    This looks lovely….

  7. Jeaux says:

    My paternal grandfather, who was Canadian, passed the summer cottage tradition on to his children… I can’t remember not having one. As for the cottage food, it was generally off the grill – burgers, chicken, hot dogs, corn on the cob and assorted picnic-style stuff (the kind boys like!) so the city had little culinary advantage.

    Nice shot of the bench. You realize of course that once you’ve chatted up your neighbor, you’ve shown your hand and can’t steal it. Just sayin.

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