My day so far…

Posted: September 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

6:50 – Damn, didn’t hear the alarm go off. I have to get up, I have to take a shower, what if I forgo the shower today? Then I can stay in bed a little longer. Sounds good… No, can’t forgo, have to wash my hair, but maybe if…. And the dithering went on until it was almost too late to shower. But I did, the hair is clean, the body doesn’t stink. All is right(ish) with the world

8:00 – Office. No. Seriously. I don’t want to do this today. No. No. No.

9:00 – Tea. Ahhhh. It’s the little things.

10:00 – Moron on the phone. Just shut up and go away dude. No matter how much you insist you dialed the number right, no, this is not the medical clinic, and if you’re not careful I’m gonna pretend it is and book you an appointment “because damned if a cancellation didn’t just come in – can you be here in a half hour”? I am heartily sick of you all being incapable of telling the difference between a 1 and a 2 and insisting that you are, in fact, at the clinic. This happens several times a day. What is WRONG with you people? It’s not like I can pull a doctor out of my ass. If I could I’d have fixed Quebec’s doctor shortage a long time ago, I’d be rich and definitely not answering your call. Shut up. Go away. In that order.

11:00 – Two more hours till lunch. TWO!! (7200 seconds to go – calculated in my head no less!)

12:00 – 3600 seconds and counting down. The sane moron called back again. My colleague answered, bless her. I would have ripped him a new one.

13:00 – FINALLY!!! Apparently it’s quite chilly out there. Damn. Summer is definitely gone. Methinks a fire will be in order at the cottage tonight. And a glass of wine, or three…

14:00 – Back at it… plugging away like the good little drone that I am. Had I been a bee or an ant this would still be my life. Always the drone, never the queen. Sobering thought that. (Ok, yes, I know, the drones are actually the males who sit around waiting to have sex with the queen – that seems like a lovely jog – I’m actually a worker, a busy little worker bee. The drone thing was poetic license because it sounded better but it was wrong. Wrong. Wrong wrong, and as someone who rants against things like “affect” and “effect”, “they’re” and “their”, I couldn’t just leave it could I? Or maybe it wasn’t poetic license, simply brain deadedness on my part. Most probably. Can I blame meno-brain?)

15:00 – (Can you tell I’m french by the way I write down my time?). Only 3:00?? The afternoon is dragging on. I feel like a kid in school, looking outside the window, wishing for freedom while the teacher drones (again with the drone! See it’s the boring aspect I used, though what is boring about sex, I can’t help but wonder) on and on about the conjugation of French verbs or the battle of the Plains of Abraham in 18… 17… whatever. *sigh*

16:00 – Time for a walk around the office. A bit of a chat here, a bit there… The unfortunate part is getting up after sitting still for two hours. You know you’re getting old when things creak and take a while to unfold after you’ve been sitting for a while. I’m three months into my 50th year. Another sobering thought.

16:15 – 15 more minutes. Then pickup by Mr. Jazz, home, manhandle a few things into the car, Friday traffic on the highway (boo!!!),  cottage, cocktails (he mixes a mean cocktail does Mr. Jazz), dinner with a nice bottle of wine and tomorrow I sleep until I wake up… bliss.

Have a good weekend all!

  1. Big Brother says:

    Just went to supper with Mrs. BB. Pint glass of beer. It’s been a long week.

  2. mrwriteon says:

    But, it’s Friday, hon’ and you survived. Me, I am feeling drone-ish these days, and I don’t really like that.

  3. lime says:

    enjoy a cocktail for me too please!

  4. geogypsy says:

    Wow! I can’t even imagine a day like that at work. I’d probably quit the job, go on welfare and drink cheap wine. Have a GREAT weekend! 😉

  5. tattytiara says:

    So in other words there are actually people in this world who believe that medical clinics lie to people phoning in and tell them that they’ve got the wrong number? For funsies?

  6. geewits says:

    And as I am typing this you are having wonderful cottage time. I hope you are having a blast!

  7. Guillaume says:

    Week days are often Hell.

  8. choochoo says:

    you should definitly mess with the moron. Deeefinitly.

  9. Either French of military, with those times.

    I get phone calls at work from people who have a hard time understanding that I don’t prescribe meds.

  10. Jazz says:

    BB – long indeed. I’m just holding on until my vacation in a couple of weeks.

    Ian – you don’t like waiting for sex with the Queen?

    Lime – Done. I raised my glass to you

    Geogypsy – Therein lies my problem, there ain’t no two buck chuck in Quebec. Wine costs a fortune.

    TT – I don’t know, I really fail to understand their problem. There are just way too many morons in the world.

    Geewits – I was, I did!

    Guillaume – Oh yeah! There’s an understatment

    Chooch – I knew you’d say that

    SAW – Both actually. I’m French air force brat.

  11. Gala says:

    This is so much how I feel today, monday. No, no, no, I don’t want to be here today. I need a day off to recover from the weekend… ZZzzz…
    Mais tu m’as fait bien rire!

  12. Shrinky says:

    laughed so hard, it turned in to a coughing fit, darn you! I always have that conversation playing in my head too first thing of a morning, glad to know I am not alone. well, it being Monday now as I type, I’m wondering if your guy has rung back, or expired over the weekend?

  13. Shrinky says:

    Forgot to mention, we’re the same age (me being born on Chrismas Day), I hate to say it, but 50 sucks! Next birthday I start going backwards (49).

  14. Jazz says:

    Gala – Actually this is how I feel today too… Contente au moins de t’avoir fait rire.

    Shrinky – Glad I made you laugh, sorry I made you cough, and girl, we’re gonna kick us some major ass at 50. 50 will never be the same again!

  15. amanda says:

    just checking in on a monday morning — hope the cottage and cocktails were divine!

  16. Jocelyn says:

    How do you do it, day after day? You need a creative job, like as a photographer!

    A few months into 50 sounds like Time to Retire.

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