Another Lame Post About Stupid Commercials

Posted: September 30, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last night, while watching Survivor (yes, I am a fan and no I have no qualms about it – these people make me laugh out loud and anything that makes me laugh is OK by me, and besides, Probst is hot. I like hot – funny and hot is pretty good for a Wednesday evening), I saw a commercial about a new and horrendous danger to us all.

It’s the dreaded biofilm!  Yes, a biofilm (apparently a lime green one, according to the commercial images) can deposit itself on your teeth if you don’t use (insert name of toothpaste I don’t recall here).

Out with plaque and in with biofilm.

By the way, what is plaque? Oh, it’s a biofilm.

D’uhSorta cool looking, in’t it?

  1. lime says:

    biofilm….geez, i love the ridiculous terms they come up with.

  2. geogypsy says:

    Now more politically correct. 😉

  3. mrwriteon says:

    Damn, just another thing to keep me awake at night.

  4. geewits says:

    I guess you miss some great stuff when you fast forward through the commercials. By the way, I was not happy with the vote!

    • Mr. Jazz says:

      Neither was I: these “old” folks are damn stupid if they think Marty and Jimmy T. are going to help them conquer the yootz any time soon. These two annoy me profoundly. I don’t care how much fo a threat they thought Jimmy J. was, he’s the only one who would have been able to carry them to the merge in a good frame of mind. Oh well, that’s part of what makes Survivor interesting isn’t it? And I think this proves without too much doubt that it’s not fixed in any way ’cause I’m sure Jimmy J. would generate better ratings than all of the remaining ones put together.

    • Jazz says:

      It was a stupid vote based on ego. That team will crumble. Marty is a fool

  5. Jocelyn says:

    It’s beautiful and makes me want to go visit caves that have stalagtites in them.

    I love SURVIVOR, too, although for some reason I stopped watching a few seasons back. But totally for it in principle.

  6. pinklea says:

    I think I know which commercial you mean (though I don’t watch Survivor, so it was obviously on another program). I had a similar reaction to yours, but mine began with “WTF do they want us to start worrying about now??? Bio-effing-film??? WTF is that???”

  7. Jazz says:

    Lime – never mind that we’ve been fighting plaque forever

    Gaelyn – and political correctness is highly overrated in my opinion

    Ian – just go to sleep

    Joce – you must have that kind of cave out in Turkey

    Pink – it’s plaque, I wonder if dentists have been getting questions on what the hell biofilm is

  8. Suldog says:

    Yeah, you have to keep coming up with new names for things, otherwise how’re you gonna fool the folks, who took care of what it was previously called, into buying more of your junk?

  9. SueAnn says:

    Really enjoyed your Roast!!
    Biofilm huh? Now I have to go brush my teeth with my power sander!

  10. Jazz says:

    Sully – Oh! so that’s what it is!

    Sue-Ann – Welcome to my blog. Glad you enjoyed the roast.

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