Scientific experiment – An update

Posted: December 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

This morning I had a touchy feely moment with the bun.

I’d much rather have had a touchy feely moment with Mr. Jazz’s buns, but I digress.

So. the bun.

It seems to be beginning to harden. And shrink. It is, I would surmise, gaining some sort of texture.

It also seems to be releasing gas. Because the bag? It is definitely more full of “air” than it was. It’s turning into a balloon…

I have come to the conclusion that the bun is planning its getaway. The bag will eventually explode and the bun will attack me and rip my throat out before running off into the dead of night.

  1. mrwriteon says:

    I think your bread experiment is arguably a first-timer and will likely be written up in the annals of things we really should know but are, like your snow reference, things of which we are in full denial.

  2. geogypsy says:

    Great hypothesis, but the experiment isn’t over yet. Watch yourself, and all these cute buns you have around.

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Read your last sentence here and apply it to Mr. Jazz’s buns.

    Yea, like that.

  4. pinklea says:

    The things you learn on this blog: bags of “bread” will balloon out as they age. Isn’t science fascinating!

  5. I’d take cover now, if I were you. 😉 That’s some gas accumulatin’.

  6. Suldog says:

    Great fun (except if you eat one of those things, I guess.) I hope this reaches you before the bun kills you.

  7. lime says:

    just make sure it doesn’t grow legs and begin to threaten you.

  8. Rachel says:


    yeah, I wouldnt eat mummified food anymore, after seeing THAT.

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