Sunday afternoon, 1:30

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

On the way back from Quebec to Montreal. Not quite into the white-out conditions yet…

‘Nuff said.

  1. Suldog says:

    Ah, I know I have a couple of those driving days to look forward to this winter, even in my more southerly clime of New England. Thanks for reminding me of how good I have it thus far 🙂

  2. VioletSky says:

    It finally snowed here last night… and today.
    My ice scraper was in the trunk… which was frozen shut.

  3. geogypsy says:

    What’s an ice scrapper? Sorry, that just looks WAY too cold and miserable to drive in. Be safe out there.

    • Jazz says:

      An ice scraper is what you use to scrape ice off your windshield. Something you don’t need in you neck of the woods, you lucky woman.

  4. geewits says:

    That looks really scary. I hope you are okay.

  5. Pearl says:

    Ack! That photo is close enough to being there for me!

    The sidewalks in Mpls have been carved through the three-foot drifts, rather like walking through a pretty pathetic maze. We are truly in for it this year…


  6. geewits says:

    I saw something on the weather. Apparently the La Nina pushes all the moisture north causing blizzards up there and dry as a bone weather here. My humidifier is not keeping up.

  7. Maddy says:

    Now that is just far too much weather all round.

  8. mrwriteon says:

    I so hate driving on roads like that. And at the end of the trip I’m always exhausted from the stress.

  9. e says:

    Oh my! I am so happy you and Mr. Jazz made it home safely. I will never complain of cold again!

  10. Jocelyn says:

    Clever gel. You just drove home for this Winter Lover the one thing she HATES about winter–those white-knuckle moments on the road.

    Glad you’re safe. Would’ve been better to be on a donkey, right?

  11. Guillaume says:

    “Je reviendrai à Montréal…”

  12. lime says:

    so rry to be nearly a week late. seems everyone is getting snow but us…

  13. Rachel says:

    Still hasnt snowed here, hope it never does, that pic stresses me out.

  14. Jazz says:

    I hope you never get snow either. Because I’m just that nice.

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