The Wonderful State of Free Health Care in Quebec

Posted: May 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

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Because we all know free health care in Canada is a truly wonderful thing.  Of course I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but the state of Quebec  emergency rooms is appalling.

True, once you’re actually in the system you do get good care, I’m not disputing that. But in what universe can it be considered the goal for the average emergency room wait to be 12 (yes, that’s not a typeo – 12 !!) hours.

12 hours! And that’s the Ministry of Health’s goal.  Not 10, not five. No.  TWELVE!

Of course, the average wait time in a Quebec emergency room is 17 hours and 20 for Montreal, so I guess a 12 hour wait will be tremendously efficient!

  1. choochoo says:

    is it still an emergency if it can wait 12 hours?

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Holy jinkies. Even if you get a kind of “triage” assessment when you first enter, and you are deemed “able to wait,” half a day is NUTS. I wonder if there’s any such thing as a perfect national health care system anywhere in the world?

  3. emerrube says:

    I hope you didn’t have to experience this yourself? did all that cleaning give you a hernia? 😀

    12 hours is too much! I hope they at least give priority to those who need it most.

    • Jazz says:

      No, I did wait with someone for 7 hours though. Thought her foot was broken. She finally said to hell with this and we went home and found an open clinic the next day (Christmas). We eventually found out it was just a severe sprain, but she was in bad pain for a loooong time.

      And yes, priority is given to heat attacks, stabbings and other assorted Ewwwwws. Probably the best way to go is to stab yourself. “Oh and by the way doctor, my foot really hursts – how ‘Bout an Xray?”

  4. Suldog says:

    TWELVE HOURS! Knowing how I’ve felt, during the few times I’ve had to go to an emergency room, if I had to wait twelve hours, I’d have killed myself before they saw me. Literally, no joke. That’s horrible.

  5. Pearl says:

    If you can wait 12 hours, can you still define it as an emergency? Holy crap!!

    I once waited in an Emergency Room (Minneapolis) for a little over two hours with an exploded ear drum, rocking back and forth like an animal and here I thought THAT was bad. Yikes. I would’ve had to have gone out and gotten stinkin’ drunk to dispel that pain had they not eventually given me my first (and only) narcotic…


  6. geewits says:

    My best advice is to tell them you are having trouble breathing. They will see you real quick-like.

  7. lime says:

    and mr lime was complaining about being there for 4 hours….that was some sort of speed record!

  8. Socialized medicine in action, isn’t it a beautiful thing?

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