Life’s too short…

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

This morning I woke up and my first thought was, “Life’s too short to wear uncomfortable shoes.”  And no, I haven’t the slightest idea where the hell that came from.  And it’s a change from years ago when I would have said “Life’s too short to wear ugly shoes”.  Of course those right there are both uncomfortable (no doubt) and fuck ugly. SCORE! on both levels.

And I need to know why comfortable shoes tend – without necessarily looking orthopedic – to not be the most elegant looking things in the world? Why are shoe designers incapable of actually making good looking comfortable shoes? Fer chrissake, we’re living in the 21st century. All these space age materials (is it even the space age anymore or was that just the 60s? – Am I showing my age, my newly minted 50s?), it seems they should be able to make something insanely comfortable that still looks awesome. Birkenstocks? Not so good looking; actually I don’t even find them that comfortable anymore.

But I’m rambling far away from the point of this post – I’m blaming my vintageity (my blog, my neologisms, so there!)

Because, believe it or not, there was a point to this post, yes indeedy.

Life is too short. Seriously, it is! You youngsters might not believe it, but that is is definitely the truth of it – especially when it suddenly dawns on you that it’s more than halfway done with you. So no, I will not be whinging and moaning about it, instead, here is my Off the Top of My Head Life’s Too Short List.


  • To wear uncomfortable shoes
  • To forgo that piece of homemade cheesecake
  • To give a shit what people think
  • To not give your friends and family (if you have that kind of family)  top billing
  • To keep up with all those people who perpetually drag you down
  • To hold a grudge – I only have so much energy, I don’t want to waste it on grudges
  • To drink bad wine
  • To finish a book you realize you really aren’t interested in after all
  • To eat at McDonald’s…  In ‘N Out on the other hand…
  • To not tell those people you love that you do indeed love them
  • To loathe your job ( in a nutshell, I don’t do what I love, but I like what I do so it’s all good)
  • To not return to those places you love again and again
  • To take yourself seriously – there’s no point really, you’ll be dead soon enough and for a long long time – you can be serious then.

Any additions?  C’mon, you know you have them…

  1. Dumdad says:

    Life’s too short to write lists. Oops, only kidding! Life’s too short. Full point. Your list about covers it. Life’s too short to worry unduly about your looks, your career, your pension etc. Pension! Not that there’ll be anything left in the pot for us if we ever make 65; although they keep extending the retirement age so we’ll probably have to stagger on to 78 – and there’ll still be no dough at the end of the rainbow. C’est la vie.

    • Jazz says:

      I try not to think of pensions and retirement because by the time i’m old enough I probably won’t be able to afford it and will end up as a greeter at Walmarts (shudder)

  2. geogypsy says:

    Just looking at those shoes made my legs cramp. Aaugh!

    Life’s too short to work 50 weeks a year for a two week (if you’re lucky) paid vacation.

  3. Guillaume says:

    So true about the shoes, I keep saying this to my wife. But I have to confess, I can keep a grudge for ages. I still hate one of the teachers from my old school and sometimes I hope I see her again just to say something nasty to her.

  4. geewits says:

    To hand wash dishes in the sink. So do you have a dishwasher now?

  5. mrwriteon says:

    I read your list and realize why I love you so. Now I’ll have to think of ones of my own. Mainly I think life is too short to regret your bad behaviors even if it is something you did a half hour ago. Move on. Can’t unring a bell.

    Oh, and I gave you an award. Please check mon blog.

  6. Pearl says:

    I’ve only recently discovered the “no point in finishing a boring book” bit. 🙂 Slow learner.

    And I handwash my dishes as well. Nice place to enjoy hot soapy water and stare off blankly…


  7. emerrube says:

    those shoes are ugly! I’m all about comfy shoes. They are usually big and clunky looking, but I don’t want my feet cramped into tiny little shoes just to be “cute”.

    for me…life’s too short not to drink coca-cola. I fought myself too long about that one and now I don’t care. So what if I have some coke? Hasn’t killed me yet. 🙂

  8. Suldog says:

    Life’s too short to root for the Canucks.

    Sorry. Cheap shot. 🙂

    Life’s too short to worry about what others say about your tastes in food, clothing, music, and haircuts. The food is in your mouth, the clothes are on your body, the music is in your ears, and the hair (if you’re lucky) is on your head, NOT theirs.

  9. Suldog says:

    Happy Canada Day! Despite the comment above, I hope you know I love your country. Not only do I consider many Canadians good friends, but my own grandmother came over from Nova Scotia in the 1920’s, so I have Canadian roots!

    • Jazz says:

      Sully, there was no offense taken. I knew who it was coming from…. So we have stuff in common – I lived in NS for 8 years. Hell, we’re practically related.

  10. lime says:

    too short to wear undies that ride up on you

  11. Jocelyn says:

    Life’s too short to play passive when a controlled assertive statement would put the truth out for everyone to see.

    (I have no idea if that makes sense, but this Montanan struggles with “Minnesota Nice,” which is why that popped to mind)

  12. Here’s my motto:

    Life is too short to fuck around.

    I say, It’s about going for what you want. Going after what excites you. Asking for what will make you happy.

  13. Lhia says:

    Life is too short to let your bestest online buddy dissapear into nowhere.
    Lets email shall we?

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