Posted: September 28, 2011 in Uncategorized

May I bitch? Sure I can, that’s pretty much the only thing I do here, innit?

Yesterday I was on the subway (oy, public transport how I hate thee!  The transport side is fine, it’s the public part that annoys me to no end. I want the subway and  buses all to myself. That would be kewl actually, though people watching would plummet…)

So yeah. Yesterday. Metro.  There I sat, absorbed in my Kindle (aka the grey plastic lump of luv, aka the GPLL) when a woman pushing a stroller gets onto the subway. I more or less notice her, strollers being ubiquitous on the subway. Then I hear a child’s voice over my head, look up, and other than the kid in the stroller, she has a 2 year oldish one  (more or less that type of size at any rate, maybe it was a tiny 15 year old, who knows. Kids, they all look alike) sort of slung over her hip. Kid has her arm in a cast. Woman looks frazzled – well you would, wouldn’t you…

I look around. In front of me, a 20-ish year old, on the other side a guy about 30, to the left what looks like an 80 year old man (ok, he’s off the hook), and another couple of kids a little further. Did anyone think of giving up their seat? So I told her to sit down.

The worst is I’m sure it wasn’t even deliberate, the thought probably didn’t even cross their minds (except for the old man no doubt and looking at him, I’m not even sure he managed to struggle up from his seat when his stop came). Random acts of kindness?  Not so much anymore. And that is pathetic.   We’ve become a society of savages.

Which is why I’d much rather drive and ignore the whole world.  If only I could ignore the world all the time, I would be happy… naw, I wouldn’t. What would I snark at? I’d probably be bored to death.

On other fronts,  today will no doubt ring the death knell of summer.  The last few weeks of September were glorious, sunny, warm, just perfect summer weather. Today we have the warm but with clouds, rain tomorrow and then plummeting temperatures – they’re talking 10 degree maiximums (that’s 50 for you American types) over the weekend. A far cry from this week’s 24-26 degrees (you do the math, I can’t be bothered). This makes Jazz an unhappy blogger, yes indeedy.

On the other hand, now that it’s fall (fall, what a depressing name for a depressing season, though nowhere near as depressing as the next up in line), maybe, just maybe, I’ll manage to ferret out my long lost blogging mojo. Or come to the conclusion that I’m all blogged out. What is there to say that hasn’t been said a million times before? I’ve bitched about it all (my gripe with impoliteness is never ending, and I even managed to throw public transport into the mix today – two birds with one stone as it were), and whined about even more, so where do i go from here?

Meh, I’ll find it or I won’t; all in all it doesn’t change much in the universal scheme of things.

Plus my blog template bores me. Blogger has it all over WordPress for the template thing. Who thought I’d ever have a kind word to say about Blogger. Will wonders never cease?

And, as my friend Suldog would say:  Soon, with more better stuff.


  1. Rachel says:

    Yay! A JAZZSTER post! I missed you, yes you and your Piss-n-moan posts. You say what I fell so much better than I ever could say it!

    I feel ya on blogging mojo. I’m kinda not feeling it either.

    And people can be total assholes.

  2. Gaelyn says:

    Glad to hear your rant. I notice so much rudeness, or is it just ambivalence?

    Getting down right cold at night around here, high 30s/low40s at night. Days barely making 70. Now you do the math.

    Nice to know your out there.

  3. Dumdad says:

    Nice to hear you rant again. I seem to remember, though, when I first moved from Blogger to WordPress you were full of praise for WP? I’ve had my issues with WP but it serves me okay. Blogger has more bells and whistles but I can’t be arsed with all that – I write some words and pop in a photo or two. That’s enough for me.

    • Jazz says:

      I still am full of praise for WP – except their templates are boring – I need to go see if they have any new ones. Maybe a new look will inspire me to write more.

  4. Debra says:

    C’mon! Winter has the word “WIN” in it. It’s the best season.

  5. VioletSky says:

    About time you posted something.
    Personally, I think if I took public transit more often – or at all, really – I’d have something interesting to blog about on a daily basis.

    • Jazz says:

      Like I said, looking for my mojo – I gotta get my groove back, but I seem to have misplaced it.

      As for transit – oh yeah, there are stories, but they’re all so damn repetitive. Idiot people on public transit….

  6. Matthew says:

    God, I love reading your posts.

    You’ve managed to tackle a sad-but-true subject with humor, which is great.

    I take public transport to and from work, and have also noticed a slackness in manners. Whenever someone elderly or of need gets on the bus, it’s typically someone middle-aged who offers-up their seat, rather than a younger person. As a matter of fact, the younger folks tend to stare blankly at the person needing the seat. Ugh.

    Keep up the good writing! 🙂

  7. Suldog says:

    As always, thank you for the linky love.

    I wasn’t going to mention this in bloggerville, but it seems germane here. During the funeral procession for My Grandma yesterday, two people with the patience of gnats drove into our line and beeped at the car in front of them. One of them cut ME off, beeping at my stepfather in the car in front of me. What is wrong with such people? It is actually a ticketable offense in Massachusetts to disrupt a funeral procession in such a way, too. Savages? It’s almost an insult to savages the world over to use that word for such folks.

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