I would expect nothing less

Posted: April 10, 2012 in Uncategorized

Friday we’re leaving on vacation.It’s about time (ain’t it just always about time for a vacation?)

We’re off to Michigan. Why? Yes, well everyone asks me that – even people I know from Michigan. It’s the single most popular question about my upcoming vacation:

“Why would you go spend your vacation in Michigan?”

Why indeed? Because a) we have family there, b) it has several of the great lakes – which I’ve never seen. It’s water. Maybe not the ocean, but close-ish and c) I’m very easily amused on vacation. I’m sure I’ll find a million cool things there, among them visiting Sleeping Bear Dunes for starters.

Plus I love road trips. Road trips make me giddy with excitement for some reason.

The possibilities, they are endless!

Did I mention giddy? With excitement? (and possibly that recent glass of wine)

And hell people, I can actually bring a bottle of water with me! and over 100 ml of moisturizer!  Swoon…

Tonight, thus, was packing night since we have a play to see tomorrow. And Thursday. And you see, I spend my work life being totally organized and organizing others (ah, the life of an admin) so obviously, this rubs off into my personal life.  I have my packing list on my iPad, am checking it twice, socks – check, jeans – check, t-shirts – check, toiletries (including moisturizer. Moisturizer!) – check.

Camera. Check. Of course, being nothing if not organized, I turned it on, verified the batteries were fully charged, decided to take a picture – for the sake of the aforementioned organization – and was confronted with THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH.

Of course. I would expect nothing less.

Of course, it was working perfectly well last week.

And now, of course, it is dead. *sigh*

I’ve taken out the battery in some sort of insane hope that it will become a zombie camera and rise from the dead. But I don’t hold out much hope.

Because of course, THE BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH and all that.

This then, explains the lack of pics – I’m too discombobulated to search out a picture of Michigan or the camera or anything else, anywhere at all.

On the other hand, it gives me the perfect excuse to hunt down a camera in Michigan, that purdy Lumix FZ150 I’ve been lusting after.

Because really, lust must be sated, must it not?

  1. e says:

    Sorry about the death of your technology. I hope it is only temporary…Get the new camera and enjoy it and your vacation. PS: I’ve vacationed in Michigan…but I went during Winter when my friend had a school break. You had the presence of mind to wait until Spring, so I hope the weather is lovely for you.

    • Jazz says:

      Yep, I will get the camera, and re the vacation, well, it’s a vacation so as far as I’m concerned it can,’ go wrong.

  2. pinklea says:

    When I was 16, my family and I did a road trip to Michigan too, all the way from Vancouver. (And also back. We didn’t move there or anything.) It took us just over a month. We went there because, like you, we had family there, but I was mostly looking forward to visiting the Ford assembly line. No nature-y stuff for me (we had lots of that at home so I didn’t care much about that); I wanted CARS. Have a fab trip – and happy camera shopping!

  3. Jocelyn says:

    Michigan is AWESOME. You will have a great time–


    • Jazz says:

      But once I have the camera, I’ll have nothing technological to lust after. Sorta scary actually…

      ‘Course I’m sure I’ll find something.

  4. geogypsy2u says:

    Vacations were simply made to satiate whatever you lust for. Michigan is gorgeous. I esepcially like the UP and used to visit the southern part of the state frequently while growing up in IL. Plus I absolutely love that when a person from Michigan tells you where they live they hold up their mitten-shaped hand to point home out. I wonder where you’ll be on the mitten?

    • Jazz says:

      I’ll be bottom right (Detroit area) then middle of the thumb, then UP, then back down to the middle bottom (Jackson). I’m gonna unravel that mitten from one end to the other.

  5. Dumdad says:

    Sleeping Bear Dunes – what a great name. Have a great holiday!

  6. VioletSky says:

    It is a shame that the new spending limits for cross border shopping won’t take effect until June……

  7. mrwriteon says:

    Lust must always be sated! That’s what I’ve had to ‘explain’ to some people in my past. Bravo for you, dear sister and Michigan will be the better for your presence. And I, like you, love road trips as well. And may your camera either pull a Lazarus or may you get a new one. Go for the new.

  8. lime says:

    have fun! michgan has lots of great things to see besides the lakes (though they are aptly described as great!) have fun and do get yourself a camera.

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