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Posted: September 27, 2012 in Uncategorized

… who blogged twice before deciding, I guess, that it wasn’t for her (you know who you are!). Anyway, I thought it was a shame that this bit didn’t make its way to a bigger audience. Granted, I don’t have an audience of hundreds (more like 10), but I have no doubt you’ll appreciate it – ’cause you’re all freaks. Enjoy!

“Visited a little church… Ten bucks to the one who can figure out why this saint is flashing the lady statue!  She’s all like “Dude!  Put it back in your pants man!…Hey, wait!  It’s missing!”…Iyiiii!”

  1. geewits says:

    I’m getting no picture and I want to see it!! I want to see it now!!

  2. geewits says:

    Okay. That’s just weird. Her hand gestures seem to say, “Wait. I think you misunderstood me.”

  3. pinklea says:

    That’s pretty funny! And so – YOU, somehow! (And I don’t see us as freaks, more like we have a slightly skewed sense of the ridiculous 🙂 )

  4. lime says:

    yep, i’m a freak and that cracked me up!

  5. Thank you folks… thank you very much!! I’m here all week!! Thank you!


  6. Suldog says:

    “Hey, angel, can I buy you a drink?”

    “Funny you should say that, because I actually am an angel. See the wings?”

    “Oh, yeah, cool. I’m a saint.”

    “Yeah, sure you are.”

    “No, really. See the halo?”

    “Geez, how did I miss that? Must be the Jagermeister shots. So, how did you become a saint?”

    “The Romans cut my dick off when I refused to recant Christ.”

    “No! Really?”

    “Yup. Here, let me show you…”

    “No, no, really, you don’t need to… Oh, blurg! I think I’m gonna hurl!”

    “I’m sorry…”

    “You poor thing! Let me buy YOU a drink.”

    “You’re sweet. Thanks. Just let me go tell my buds where I am, OK?”

    He walks over to a table where three other guys with halos are sitting. They ask him how he made out.

    “Excellent. She bought it. Amazing how many chicks don’t check closely enough to see if I’m just tucking it away between my legs. Now I’ll do my “haven’t had sex in 1975 years bit, I’ll get her to invite me back to her place to “talk” and “cuddle”, then, when the moment is right, I’ll let Mister Happy burst out from under my robe and shout “IT’S A MIRACLE! IT’S A MIRACLE!”

  7. Too feckin’ funny!!! Bwaaahahah!!!

  8. Rachel says:

    That display is full of disturbing. But this commentary is totaly awesome. And suldog made me lol for long time.

  9. Suzan says:

    ” come a little closer ” said the priest to the lady………………………….
    Lil send me an email from your personal one – can’t reply through blogger on the chalk paint!!!

  10. Weird, weird, weird.

    Wait, is that a bruise on his thigh? Maybe that’s what he’s trying to show her. And she’s saying. “Oh, stop being such a baby.”

  11. alison says:

    This is too awesome for words. And so is Suldog’s commentary.

  12. Jocelyn says:

    It’s like a saint named “Ken Doll.” Nothing but smooth genitalia here, ladies!

  13. Bud M. Tran says:

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